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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Virgo your daily horoscope suggests that with the Moon in the sign of Pisces the last sign of the zodiac, and your solar sector of relationships, marriage, relating, cooperation and being diplomatic.  The sign of Pisces rules all things surreal, divinely inspired, spiritual, compassionate, emotional, sympathetic and possibly deceptive; you could find that you are more easily distracted or more easily deceived than normal today.  Today you can feel as if you have a “black cloud” over you or a “halo” surrounding you.  It’s a time of reflection and in that time you can see things clearly maybe things you didn't see before.  You could also find that something is revealed like a secret and in reality the veil of consciousness is lifted.  You could find something you thought was lost, but something that’s been there all the time.  You realize that your have been chasing someone or a dream only to find you don't want to anymore.  You could feel more like a victim than a hero.  It’s a great day for spiritual activities, working alone, meditation and creativity, it’s a day for peace.  Stay focused, buckle down, stay inspired and expect a miracle. others can attribute certain characteristics to you and you wonder why.  Venus and Jupiter agree today that you need a rest and you need a lucky break!  Today you excel at getting along with others especially your Valentine. It's time to forget about complaining and focus in the transformational power of love.  Who ever is lucky enough to be in your arms today gets your undivided attention and love. 

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