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Week of Aug 31  - Sept 7, 2015

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Libra: (Sep.23-Oct. 23): As your Astrology horoscope week begins Libra its 3rd Qtr. Moon in Aries, your solar sector of other people, partnerships and marriage alliances.   Aries is a fire sign where things get loud and move fast.  It’s about getting things started and putting the finishing touches on things you are already working on.  Perhaps you feel it’s time to put the finishing touches on a relationship or the ending of a relationship.  Relationships don’t just end quickly they can end slowly too.  Since the next New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Virgo your solar sector of endings, karmic completions and waiting, we are getting ready for a time when flexibility and adaptability are key, attention to details is necessary.  It’s a nice blend of endings and looking forward to changes that Libra feel this week.  Travel for healing or to a foreign country is restful.  Change is on the way and only the flexible and adaptable will survive.  Libra needs to cultivate patience.  The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune RX in Pisces 8° and for you Libra this is an intercepted opposition where your natural inclination to work things out with others prevails.  Except you don’t feel the need to explain yourself anymore.  This opposition can bring confusion and evasiveness, a tendency to avoid things or a tendency to sweep the details under the carpet.  For Libra you just don’t want to be bothered by loud and obnoxious people.  It’s also a time to fall in love as your ruler Venus RX in Leo conjoins Mars in Leo the romance sun sign perhaps it’s time to look up an ex-lover or friend.  

The planet of communications Mercury in Libra your solar sector of fresh starts and attraction has you looking younger than ever and Mercury wants to negotiate and come to an agreement but is inconjunct Neptune RX in Pisces 8°, in your solar sector of health, and feeling like something is wrong.  Nothing is wrong with you.

With attention to details met the Sun in Virgo is satisfied and trines Pluto RX in Capricorn 13°, in your solar sector of home, property matters, self-sufficiency and business can proceed, debts can be paid and miracles can bring in more funds. 

Just in time for you to make a decision about a relationship or partnership, the planet of love and money your ruling planet Venus  goes direct at 14° Leo your solar sector of ex-lovers, friends, VIPs, mentors and helpful people.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°, because it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Aug.31  Sun in Virgo opposite NeptuneRX in Pisces
Aug.31  VenusRX in Leo conjunct Chiron Mars in Leo
Aug.31  Helio Mars  enters Leo
Sept.01  VenusRX in Leo ♌ conjunct Mars in Leo ♌
Sept.03  Mercury in Libra ♎ inconjunct NeptuneRX in Pisces ♓ 8°
Sept.05  Sun in Virgo ♍ trine PlutoRX in Capricorn ♑ 13°
Sept.06  Venus  in Leo ♌ direct at 14° You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°
Sept.07  Labor Day
Sept.07  Mars in Leo ♌ inconjunct ChironRX in Pisces ♓ 19°

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