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Week of Aug. 22 – Aug. 29, 2016    

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Libra: (Sep.23-Oct. 23):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Libra, the planet of communications Mercury is slowing down in a sensitive area of your chart.  It’s prolonged transit through your 12th house and make you feel out of the loop, which you may or may not enjoy.  A long trip abroad, a stay in the hospital, visits to the hospital or just taking some time to do nothing and enjoy it are possibilities of the things you can experience.  As Mercury slows down be aware of your thoughts, the information coming to you, and what’s happening around you and why are you procrastinating?  You could decide to be on an extreme budget or extreme diet.  Your health can be affected by this transit too as well your focus.  You will go over these things again and again throughout the month of September especially during the 3rd Saturn-Neptune square.   It’s important not to put things off, or there could be losses and expensive repairs during the Saturn-Neptune square that plague you through November.  Don’t be evasive as that won’t help your relationship situation.  The planet Mercury is after all the journalist planet, that gatherer of information.  Mercury rules the sign of Virgo and is exalted in the sign of Virgo at 15° (where Mercury goes direct next month) the sign where it’s transiting now.  In Virgo, Mercury needs to grasp and have a full understanding of everything before moving on.  Perhaps long days and nights reading books on your favorite new subject will be ho you spend this period of time.  This is an extended period of time to get it right!  Do a good job at your work, learn your job, take care of your health, stay organized, on top of things, and fix things.  Don’t put things off or procrastinate.

The planet Mars in Sagittarius is Out of Bounds (Aug. 8-Oct.30) in your communications sector and make for long rides with the radio turned up and communications with friends who are always interesting.  That means it’s time to put yourself out there in different ways and try something new.  Think outside the box.  Mars is fun in Sagittarius, exuberant, active and enjoys new experiences, putting him or herself out there, enjoying all things religious, educational, spiritual, foreign and adventurous of course.  You’ll find that everything seems new and interesting and maybe some of you will get a new car or go on a road trip.

These two planets Mercury and Mars are fundamental to the weather, job, employment, health issues and your day to day activities.

This suggests that everything that you do now has to be all encompassing, and comprehensive.  You have to do a good job.  It makes you want to understand things completely and thoroughly before you accept them as true.  As Mercury in Virgo conjoins the planet Jupiter  in Virgo at 26° in your solar sector of out of the way places, foreign stays, and foreign travel, hotels, spiritual experiences, and overcoming your innermost fears and phobias.  There’s an element of luck, but also a stronger desire to grasp the bigger picture, and really understand something.

As the Sun enters the mutable sign of Virgo (Monday Aug. 22nd 12:38 pm EDT) you’ll want to be more flexible because the sign of Virgo is a mutable sign.  The Sun in Virgo solarizes your 12th house of secrets and that means that you cherish your private time, learning about what makes you tick and doing things that are healing and therapeutic.  Avoid excessive criticism, being too picky and cranky.  The Sun here helps you to see your own mistakes and how you can improve.  Your health, diet, exercise take a priority now, as well your job and work.  It’s still a good time to acquire more clothes! It’s time for some relaxation, spa treatments, therapy and getting out of debt.  

The planet of action or reactions Mars in Sagittarius conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius at 9° in your communications sector, and there can be new agreements with others, paperwork, following the rules and an effort to reach out and be truthful.  This can be a strong transit because Mars is in new degrees now, (Mars retrograded in April 2016 at 8°53’) so this brings new energy to an old Saturn issue from way back in December, 2016. Of course Sagittarius rules religious ideologies and foreigners.  We have only to look back at the Spring to figure out what’s going on here when Mars was trying to catch up to Saturn then didn’t, now he has.  This is a big powerhouse of energy and depending on your natal birth charts will need to take precautions.  It can be violent and devastating.  

During the 4th Quarter Moon in Gemini at 2°11’, your solar sector of travel, education, new experiences, and spiritual awakening.  it’s time to wind things down.  How?  By letting someone else give you advice and perhaps letting another take the lead.  Maybe through thinking things through, getting your thoughts together, a new approach, or communicating less.  4th Quarter Moons are good for waiting things out, observing, pulling things together or collecting on your past efforts, works and deeds.   There’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse coming up and you will surely start out or be led in a new direction.  That being said an eclipse such as this New Moon Solar Eclipse  on Sept. 1st is in effect up to 10 days before it occurs and 6 months after and is visible from central Africa, Madagascar and the southern Indian Ocean.

Romance takes center stage this week as the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty, Venus in Virgo inconjuncts Uranus RX in Aries 24°, in your relationship and marriage sector and there’s an awkward moment.  Uranus rules age differences too.  It can bring an embarrassing moment when you’re out with a new love and you bump into an ex.  Or an uncomfortable moment of aggression when you or someone else jumps on something you said or did; more awkward moments!  I forgot to tell you the 12th house where these Virgo planets and the Sun are transiting force you to be honest and eventually wipe the fairy dust from your eyes about how someone is really treating you.  if you feel neglect, let go.  On the other hand, you may get tired of being alone too.

The ruler of men, the masculine counterpart in a female’s chart, the husband, boyfriend or masculine in a relationship, the planet Mars  in Sagittarius squares Neptune RX in Pisces at 10°and since this is your communications sector it definitely means there is deception, confusion and misunderstandings.  There can be flirting and fooling around.  This is a charged up transit where the lack of restraint (on Mar’s part) is possible.  On the other hand, someone could be acting sketchy or evasive.  There’s 3rd party involvement in some relationships and maybe cheating.  It packs a punch when flirting is going on, leading to a “hands on” situation.   

As Venus in Virgo conjoins Jupiter in Virgo at 27° in our 12th house it can be nice to float away to never land, get away from it all and have a fantasy life. Things turn out ok this week in spite of some crazy situations.  Neither Venus nor Jupiter is able to be themselves in the sign of Virgo, so everyone manages, just manages and somehow it all works out.  Many Libras could actually move away to another place like a foreign country! Or seek relief at an ashram.

As the planet of communications  Mercury in Virgo conjoins Venus in Virgo 28° your subconscious fears and longings are unwinding.  The planet of communications  Mercury in wants to know what’s up romantically, or financially or why are you procrastinating, postponing or putting things off? 

At weeks end the planet of love, money, wealth, beauty and matrimony Venus enters the sign of Libra, your Sun sign and the sign she rules. Venus is preparing you for something.  So come out and play, be yourself and find your mojo.  This favors love, romance, beauty, wealth, engagements and happiness. Good things are yet to come.

Aug. 22   Mercury in Virgo conjunct Jupiter  in Virgo at 26°
Aug. 22   The Sun enters Virgo (12:38 pm EDT)
Aug. 24  
Mars  in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at 9°
Aug. 24  
Venus in Virgo opposite Chiron RX in Pisces at 23°
Aug. 24   4th Quarter Moon in Gemini 2°11’
Aug. 25  
Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus RX in Aries 24°
Aug. 26  
Mars  in Sagittarius square Neptune RX in Pisces at 10°
Aug. 27  
Venus in Virgo conjunct Jupiter  in Virgo at 27°
Aug. 29  
Mercury in Virgo conjunct Venus in Virgo 28°
Aug. 29  
Venus enters Libra
Aug. 30  
Mercury RX Retrograde in Virgo at 28° until Sept. 22nd at 14° Virgo

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