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The Cardinal Earth sign - Capricorn


Capricorn Sun Sign

The Earthy Capricorn Character

21st December - 20th January

Capricorn: In 2016 Pluto continues through your Sun sign which is sometimes a boon and sometimes not so much.  Pluto after all is an outer planet and the last time Pluto transited Pluto transited through Capricorn great rebellions gave birth to greater nations. Perhaps Pluto will continue to aid you to tear down structures that no longer serve your greatness.  Your ruler Saturn is transiting a sensitive area of your chart the 12th house of completions, karma and debt.  This will pave the way for you to emerge independent or more independent and a changed person.  The good news is Uranus also an outer planet and transiting a sensitive area of your chart the 4th house these house mean change.   Capricorn is lucky though as Jupiter transits Virgo an earth sign and Pluto transits your Sun sign, this earthy energy suggests that by letting go, tearing down and being fearless, you get your way and keep moving forward.  In the Fall Jupiter will be the highest planet in your chart and all the sacrifice, going it alone sometimes and patience pays off.  Capricorn is mysterious and attractive to love interests this year!

What degree is your Sun Sign?  Find the degree of your Sun Sign and Moon Sign on your Free Natal Birth Chart

These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°.....The Galactic Center. The most important point in astrology. Cusp of the Twenty-Second Lunar Mansion. An ambitious degree.
  • 2°.....Sight.
  • 2°6' 2°21'N (4) Polis, Mu Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mars) Keen perception, domination; ambition, success; horsemanship.
  • 3°.....Medical.
  • 4°.....Sleep and trance (4°-5°).
  • 6°.....Analogy.
  • 7°.....Unusual ability.
  • 7°12' 0°43'C (cl) Facies, 22m Sagittarii. (Sun Mars) Blindness or defective sight; illness; accidents.
  • 9°.....Degree of history.
  • 9°54'..Jupiter South Node.
  • 10°....Memory.
  • 11°....Religion.
  • 11°16' 3°26'S (2) Pelagus, Sigma Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mercury - Saturn Mercury) Optimism; veracity; a religious tendency.
  • 12°....Cusp of the Twenty-Third Lunar Mansion.
  • 12°31' 7°10'S (3) Ascella, Zeta Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mercury) Happiness, good fortune.
  • 13°52' 0°52'N (4½) Manubrium, Omicron Sagittarii. (Sun Mars) Heroic, courageous, defiant; blindness from fire or explosion.
  • 14°....Suicide.
  • 14°12' 61°44'N (1) Wega, Alpha Lyrae, a pale sapphire star in the lower part of the Lyre. (Venus Mercury - Jupiter trine Saturn in Part of Fortune) Beneficent, idealistic, hopeful, refined, changeable; grave, outwardly pretentious, but usually lascivious.
  • 15°....Fall of Jupiter. A degree of duty.
  • 16°....Degree of solid matter.
  • 17°....Intellectual and governmental.
  • 18°41' 36°12'N (3) Deneb, Zeta Aquilae. (Mars Jupiter) Benevolent, liberal; ability to command; and a successful warrior.
  • 19°34'.Pluto South Node.
  • 21°....A scholarly degree.
  • 23°....Governmental authority; music.
  • 23°11'.Saturn South Node.
  • 24°43' 5°25'S (6) Terebellum, Omega Sagittarii. (Venus Saturn) Cunning, mercenary; a fortune, with a guilty conscience and unsavory reputation.
  • 25°....Cusp of the Twenty-Fourth Lunar Mansion.
  • 26°....Land and farming.
  • 27°....Hair.
  • 28°....Exaltation of Mars.
  • 29°....Degree of collecting.

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