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As the planet Saturn ruler of delays, lessons, hardships but solid gains, continues its transit through the water sign Scorpio, ruler of death, conquests, challenges, legacies,  insurance, restitution, inheritances, your partner’s financial condition, sharing, surgery, taxes, wills, sins, loans, credit, control, disasters, elimination, evacuation, favors, fidelity, investigation, anything disgusting or abhorrent, mysteries, sex, sexuality, permissions and the occult, just to name a few things that the sign of Scorpio rules!

We continue the path that 2013 lead us on; perhaps a little older, a little  wiser, and with a little more experience Saturn will open chapter two of very much the same influences that we experienced personally and as a collective whole in 2013.  The difference and in terms of Saturn it’s a big difference is that we’re a little older, a little wiser, and have a little more experience.

We’re still going to repeat the Uranus-Pluto squares but they two are half way over. There are a total of seven Uranus-Pluto squares and we’re going to experience number 4 in April, 2013.  This will be significant as Saturn too is half way through its transit; so in many ways 2014 looks like 2013 but we should have learned lots that we shouldn’t be tripped up on!

Pisces: (Feb. 19-Mar.20):  As your horoscope year begins Pisces your ruling planet continues its transit through your solar 1st house of fresh starts and the sky's the limit, there’s no obstacle that you can’t find a way around, over, or make disappear.  Neptune makes you more compassionate, softer and more in tune with others this year.  Who doesn’t need more compassion, understanding and forgiveness, we all do.  Pisces realizes all too well their short comings with the might planet Uranus in their solar 12th house of self-undoing, mistakes, guilty feelings and the subconscious mind.  You come to the realization why you do, or have done the things you’ve done; which is great now, forgive yourself and others and move forward.  If you can’t, get therapy.  This is a great time for therapy, self-help, mediation and self-discovery. 

In 2014 Pisces benefits from Saturn’s transit through Scorpio their solar 9th house of deeper understanding, education, travel, learning, and legalities.  You’ve probably learned by now that you have to follow the rules and learn the ways of whatever culture or new situation you find yourself in.  This is a great time for Pisces to go to school, finish their education, continue their education, see the world, and learn more.  You also have to promote your own talents if you’re going to get anywhere this year.  Go ahead tell your boss what you’ve done for the company.  If you don’t who will?

The planet Jupiter is in your solar 5th house of love, romance, talents, hobbies, and children.  If you’re looking for love this is a great time, and if you’re trying to conceive it’s a great time. 

The Uranus-Pluto square is going to be dynamic this year as it comes attended by a cardinal grand cross.  Many of you realize it’s time to put aside big egos and false pride, and to let go of stubbornness. 

Pisces wants to do the right thing and won’t tolerate anyone else breaking the rules or not playing by the rules in 2014.  You could be a whistle blower in 2014. 

In love you’re haunted by the past or an obsession over someone you just can’t forget. Patience pays in love and anger won’t get you anywhere. 

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