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Week of Sept 22  - Sept 29, 2014 Updating

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Virgo: (Aug. 24-Sep. 23):
  As your astrology Horoscope week begins Virgo, the Moon starts out in inquisitive and restless Gemini your career sector, could there be something you’re nervous about?  It’s a 4th quarter Moon so emotionally we are trying to wind things up, collect and brings things to a conclusion in some cases put an end to things. The Moon this week will transit through Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.  Use the energy of this week before the New Moon in Libra on Tuesday Sept. 23rd wisely, without complaining, to just get on with things, complete projects, and get things done, you might not get that opportunity when the planets start to change. Perhaps there’s something left over from last week that #Virgo has to tend to professionally, or with the boss.  You’ll want to curb the chatter because anything you say now is being judged.  Stay on point and away from gossip especially on the job or with authority figures like, bosses, parents, and teachers.  You’ll have to prove that what you say is true and who wants that?

The planet Mars represents the “me” first principle is in the sign of Sagittarius, which does everything in an over the top way, a big way and wants to make its presence known by forcefully and loudly.  Mars after all rules action, anger and can be mean.   Virgo could be overwhelmed this week and caught between and important meeting or if you’re a student a test or school project and a family activity.  You may have to forgo a Birthday party hopefully not your own to tend to important matters.  Trying to fit everything in is tough this week.  As Mars in Sagittarius, squares Neptune RX in Pisces 5° there could be intimidation, lies and rumors and deception.  Keep your wits about you, calm down.  You could be fearful for no good reason.  Mars in Sagittarius deals with the truth and sometimes exaggerations and the planet Neptune rules irrational fears and freaking out.  Pay attention around the house, especially with your security or repairs that can be costly now.  Keep yourself busy or you’ll tend to nitpick and cause problems with others.  In love you can over react so be sure of the facts before saying anything.  On the other hand, secrets can be revealed in love and matters of the heart. 

It’s easy to get higher ups to go along with requests when Venus sextile Saturn in Scorpio, as long as you can say the right things and make the right argument.   If you slow down you’ll have all the right things to say to get everyone on your side.  Speak slowly and make a good impression.  Slow and steady this week and you’ll get lots down.  In love, you say just the right things to win over a special someone. 

The Planet Pluto resumes direct motion and it’s stationary direct degree coincidences with its placement back on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve.  Where is the planet of Pluto natally in your birth chart and where is it going direct in your natal birth chart?   As the planet Pluto resumes direct motion in your solar sector of love it’s time to set power struggles and differences aside.  A past love comes back and the kids start showing you what they’re made of.  The planet Pluto in Capricorn gives the strength to look tough odds squarely in the face without flinching, and this is reiterated with Saturn in Scorpio. We all face death, be it on TV or in our own lives, tough odds, and insurmountable struggles where we are not in control.  Through it all we learn just how strong we really are.

Those with Strong Pluto placements or Scorpio placements in their chart endure a lot, even have life threatening crisis early in life, they literally fight to stay alive.  A strong Pluto or Scorpio placement is where you have or will win against all odds and fight for your life.  Pluto resuming direct motion perhaps brings an awareness of how far you have come, how you have struggled and fought hard.  It’s where you have survived against all odds.  

As the Sun enters, Libra It’s the Fall Equinox a time when we become aware of the changes around us, the trees change color, the birds and small animals start to change their patterns, and sunset comes earlier and earlier.  Your sense of self-esteem begins to return and your self-confidence too.  Money matters get back on track and for some it’s a new love who reminds you that you are special for others it’s a new source of income that reminds you that you can make it in this big bad world. You’re a survivor. 

Jupiter trine Uranus exact Sept. 28 in effect through Oct 10 and along with the planet Mars it’s exciting but some could get carried away with all this fire power!  Money luck comes when it’s needed, perhaps you’ll find money or win money! 

Sept. 13 Mars enters Sagittarius September 13-October 26.  

Sept. 15*Sept. 22 Rishi Stars are visible

From Sept. 15 to 22, the 'Rishi' stars will be visible in the night sky. The stars that make up the Big Dipper have special significance in Vedic Astrology.  This special astrological constellation causes the natural water sources on earth to be transformed into nectar-like healing liquids. It is particularly beneficial to bathe or swim on these days, or to keep bottles of healing water and medicines out at night.

Sept. 17 Venus in Virgo opposite Chiron RX in Pisces 15°

Sept. 17 Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus RX in Aries 15°

Sept. 21 Venus in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio 18°

Sept. 21 Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune RX in Pisces 5° waning and waxing exact on

Sept. 22 Pluto in Capricorn goes direct 10°                  

Sept. 22 Sun enters Libra

Sept. 22 Fall Equinox

Jupiter trine Uranus exact Sept. 28 in effect through Oct 10 

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