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Week of Sept 22  - Sept 29, 2014  

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Sagittarius: (Nov.23-Dec. 22):
As your astrology horoscope week begins Sagittarius, it starts perhaps in anticipation or with a question mark about what’s ahead as the Sun prepares to enter the sign of Libra ruler of marriage, partnerships, karma, all things social, all things classy, beauty and wealth.  Perhaps you’ve finally, achieved a level of success or recognition and now because of your social status and successes you get a membership with an elite group of friends or just in your favorite clique.  Your social life takes off and friends and people from the past want to spend time with you. 

In some astrology practices the next day begins at Sunset so it seems fitting that Pluto the planet of destruction and renewal resumes direct motion in the sign of Capricorn the sign that rules winter after the Sun sets.  Pluto resumes direct motion and moves forward repeating many of the same degrees again in your solar 2nd house of money and personal values.  You can be keen and cunning with Pluto here.  You can excel at commissioned sales and establish a lucrative partnership.   How you make your money is just as important as the money itself. 

 It’s the Fall Equinox a time when the Sun rises later and sets earlier and trees begin to lose their leaves and birds start to fly South. The Sun enters the Cardinal Air sign Libra, and wherever the Sun is transiting in your birth chart this is where you dominate and have things under control, in short this is where you shine;  friendships, group activities kids sporting events, professional sporting events, networking and with in-laws and people from the past.  The Sun shines in this exciting area of your life and out of the blue you can run into people for the past or hear from a past love. 

The New Moon a time that signals to us that it’s time to set goals and look ahead is also in the sign of Libra.  It’s a social time and a time when Sagittarius wants to be out and about.  You find the company of your friends to be just as important as the company of a significant other.  Ex-lovers, live in arrangements and on again, off again relationships for fun and exciting. 

The lucky planet Jupiter ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, your Sun sign is transiting the fire sign of Leo and trines the planet of suddenness Uranus RX in Aries 14° another fire sign and ignites passions, excitement and activity.  The planet Mars in Sagittarius will be at this very degree 14° on Oct. 4th, the day Mercury goes retrograde and re-traces its footsteps.  Sagittarius is favored for travel, education, love and excitement.  Dream big!  Mars rules Aries the sign where Uranus is retrograde, so the aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus is longer lasting.  Where the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in your natal birth chart?

This brings a prolonged period of good fortune, positivity, excitement and increased enthusiasm.

On Sept. 26th things start to move slow, as Mercury enters its storm moving very slowly now as it prepares to retrograde on Oct 4th. Be careful what you say and how you say it.  Above all, include your partner, best friend and significant other in all your activities.

Mercury ruler of your solar 7th house of other people, significant others and marriage re-enters Scorpio your solar sector of fear and anxiety indicating the necessity of review, and stick-to-it-ness when faced with delays.  

The ruler of the sign of Libra and the ruler of matrimony, love, diplomacy and wealth Venus, enters her home placement Libra.  Venus is strong when in her own sign and love can blossom with an ex.  Some of you may fall in love at 1st sight. 

Sept. 22 Pluto in Capricorn goes direct 10° 8:36 pm est

Sept. 22 Helio Mercury 15° Capricorn

Sept. 22 Helio Mars 15° Capricorn

Sept. 22 Helio Venus 7° Capricorn

Sept. 22 Sun enters Libra 10:29 pm est

Sept. 22 Fall Equinox

Sept. 23 Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Chiron RX in Pisces 15° 

Sept. 23 The New Moon in Libra 1°08’ Pacific time 11:14 pm PST 


Sept. 24 The New Moon in Libra 1°08’ Eastern time 2:14 am EST

Sept. 25 Rosh Hashanah

Sept. 25 Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus RX in Aries 14° effective through Oct 4th when Mars aspects

Sept.26 Mercury enters its storm moving slowly it retrogrades Oct 4th

Sept.27 Mercury enters Scorpio

Sept.28 Sun in Libra inconjunct Neptune RX in Pisces 5°

Sept.29 Venus enters Libra

*Lunar Nodes 19° Aries and Libra, Pallas Athene 18°

*midpoint between Uranus RX in Aries and the South Node is 17.1°

*Next Uranus-Pluto square Dec.15 

They Say that Astrologers are born not made; meaning you are born an astrologer through many either incarnations or not.  Astrology is not easy; I work hard at it constantly in an effort to translate this universal language into easy to understand terms that everyone can understand.  So remember, when you require more details and effortless timing, only a real astrologer can put it all together for you; I am only a phone consultation or email reading away. You can listen to my Daily Horoscopes exclusively on iheartradio


 "I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical."    Arthur C. Clarke

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