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Week of May 30  - June 6, 2016

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Sagittarius: (Nov.23-Dec. 22): As your astrology horoscope week begins Sagittarius, it starts off with a 4th Quarter Moon in Pisces at 8° which influences your home, family life and ability to be independent and self-sufficient.  That may be your biggest issue since you are a Sun sign who needs freedom.  How much togetherness is really comfortable?  It’s a time when you begin to lose your focus or feel disillusioned or just a little fuzzy about something or someone.   All 4th Quarter Moons are about waiting, reflecting, retreating, withdrawal, and yet you have the seeds of your past efforts in your hand ready to plant at some further time.  That time will be the Solar Eclipse of Feb.26, 2017 which occurs at that same degree as this 4th Qtr. Moon and starts a dynamic new cycle in charismatic, selfless Pisces.  The time to plant your seeds and start again with the promise of dynamic results.  Maybe this can be a confusing time, a time when you don’t understand things but nonetheless it’s not a time to lose hope.  You can feel enlightened or like a dark cloud is following you and your activities.  Home, family matters, expenses, property matters, emotions, and knowing that one day you have to let go, are issues you are dealing with. 

Today's 4th Qtr. Moon in Pisces is a time to rest and let the chips fall where they may.  This 4th Qtr. Moon says in certain areas of your life you've done all you can and now you have to wait.  Wait until when you ask?  Until the Solar Eclipse of Feb. 26, 2017 which occurs at that same degree as this 4th Qtr. The Solar Eclipse of Feb. 26, 2017 starts a dynamic new cycle in charismatic, selfless and spiritual Pisces.

Other important factors start to emerge this week that set the tone for the entire month of June.  The Moon traverses through the signs of Pisces to Gemini this week.  A week of fresh starts and new experiences.

With an overabundance and surplus of mutable squares, oppositions and aspects to both Saturn RX, and Neptune  expect changes and many of them.  “Mutable” simple put means adaptable and changeable, so be flexible and expect changes. Sagittarius is a mutable Sun sign who loves and thrives in an ever changing, chaotic situation.  This week you are in your element. 

The week also begins with an earthy aspect of security and abundance; the planet of communications Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto RX in Capricorn at 17°.  You can expect important communications that could be quite lucrative going back to the time when the planet Pluto went retrograde in April.  You may have to provide more information or do more research but it’s all worth it and about money or purchasing something new.  Mercury the planet of ideas, new things, plans, and communications has been transiting Taurus for a while now.  In your mutable 6th house of work, health, routine and helpfulness you love the fast pace time when work is abundant, and money too.  With the planet Pluto in the mix, chances for long term and permanent gains is possible. 

This week the Sun and Venus are syncing up and aspecting the planets Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn RX.  Since both the Sun and Venus are in the chatty but glib, and frivolous sign of Gemini there could be gossip, there could be lies, no details, and there could be people telling you things that are not true or have no basis in reality.  There could be craziness, nervousness, and restlessness.  Ask for more details, facts, proof, something in writing, or more information and you are likely to get the run around or end up having more questions.  Still, there’s a romantic consideration to both the Sun and the planet Venus in Gemini so this month flirt and keep it light.  The Sun in Gemini bring new fresh faces to your life.  Best friends, potential partners and lovers are possible.  If you are committed your mate, partner or significant other can add to your ideas, keep you company when you want and help you to balance your life if you let him or her. 

The first day of June starts with the Sun in Gemini squaring  Neptune in Pisces at 11°, and duty calls at home or with a family member, mate or significant other.  Someone could be in crisis over something small which might annoy you.  Everyone it seems either calls or doesn’t pick up the phone.  Things are not what they seem to be and will not be all month thanks to the mutable T-squares forming in the heavens.  Don’t jump to conclusions, take things for granted or believe everything you see, hear, or what to believe.  No one wants to be deep, even if Mars RX is still retrograde in Scorpio taking his 2nd pass here through your most sensitive area, your secrets and fears.  This could mean that there is an element of intensity, being inhibited, dealing with painful situations, real physical pain, and secrets to your light and curious interest.  So we know we can’t trust everyone nor what they say.  You are all too quick to help, and give, but some people won’t appreciate it.

The planet of love, money, wealth and beauty gets into the mix and for some a summer romance gets underway Venus  in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 11°.  This is a great aspect for love and romance.  Your heart could tingle and the chance for any Sagittarius to fall for someone is high this week.

Yes, it’s a week of ups and downs, and here’s the downer, as the Sun in Gemini Opposes Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13° someone’s not keeping things light.  This could bring something left unfinished back into your life or a past love from January 15th-30th.   Asking for the facts, or why someone said this or did that could be an issue.  In business, you may want something new but have to hang on to something old and trusted.  A tug of war between what you want and what a mate, partner, best friend or significant other wants is possible.

As the planet Venus  in Gemini opposes Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13° it can be sad, so pushing for the facts or the truth, demanding an answer won’t get anyone very far. 

As the Sun in Gemini squares your ruler Jupiter RX in Virgo at 13° glossing over the details won’t get you very far at all, since and over reactions are possible.  Work, career and business demands are high and everyone’s expectations of you are higher and you have to live up to those expectations. 

Then Venus in Gemini squares Jupiter RX in Virgo at 13°, and maybe you can quickly save a situation if you’re quick enough.  Any aspect of Venus to Jupiter is over the top, as in over indulging or over spending.  You could be nervous about someone is thinking so slow down and listen more.  You are a hard worker this week and everyone knows it. 

On June 4th, the New Moon in Gemini starts a new cycle of activity at 14°58’.   You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°-15°.  This New Moon in Gemini starts a new cycle in your marriage sector.  Relationships are forming now that could be significant to your life.

As Sun in Gemini conjoins Venus in Gemini you could be interested, curious, inquisitive and social. This week step up to the plate and balance all the diverse and different areas of your life.  You can do it. 

May 30   Happy Memorial Day
May 30  
Mercury in Taurus trine PlutoRX in Capricorn at 17° Check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 17°
June 01   Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces at 11°
June 03   Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces at 11°
June 03   Sun in Gemini Opposite Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13°
June 03   Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13°
June 04   Sun in Gemini square Jupiter RX in Virgo at 13°
June 04   Venus in Gemini square Jupiter RX in Virgo at 13°
June 04   The New Moon in Gemini at 14°58’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14° -15°
June 06   Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in Gemini

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