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Week of Oct. 17 – Oct. 24, 2016

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Sagittarius: (Nov.23-Dec. 22):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Sagittarius, it’s going to be quite the week for romance and relationships but maybe it’s time you take some time for yourself.  The planet Jupiter entered the relationship sign of Libra 6 weeks ago and there’s about 52 weeks to go until Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio.  That’s almost a year, and there’s lots of relationship work to do over the next year.  Yes, it favors marriage, relationships, gain through business with the opposite sex, and brings honor and recognition.  That’s if it’s not afflicted and people it will be afflicted through the next 52 weeks from time to time.  In that case, it can bring legal troubles, open enemies, treachery from the ladies,  friends and partners oh my! 

The planet of love, marriage , money, wealth and beauty who has been sulky in the sign of Scorpio Venus enters the fire sign of Sagittarius until Nov. 12th, and transit through your  Sun sign.  This put more attention on pampering yourself, being good looking, beautiful and getting attention for your healthy good looks.  Venus is much more fun in Sagittarius!  Since the planet Venus naturally rules the sign of Libra in Sagittarius, she seeks opportunities for you to move on, get adventurous and shake off any lethargy or feeling of having lost something; which you might have felt while she transited in Scorpio.  Opportunities to reconnect with friends, get your romance back on track and to have some well needed freedom from restrictions is welcome.  And yes, there always this feeling that a relationship that has fallen on the rocks or ended while Venus transited the fixed and mysterious sign of Scorpio is over.  Is it really over? Now Venus will be in the same sign and Saturn who plays for keeps.

As the planet of action Mars in Capricorn conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 15°, your solar sector of money, wealth, possessions, luxuries, morals and self-esteem.  This is a huge transit that doesn’t fool around.  Money is power and Sagittarius wants both money and power.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°-16°.  It brings fear, perhaps losses, and lots of strange things that could happen.  This aspect lasts over a few days. You could be more fearful if that’s in your character, or more determined if that’s in your character.  Your jealous urges could surface, and your killer instincts could be aroused too.  We all have that dark side.  This week you hang on tight to what’s yours.  Maybe you get territorial or heaven forbid selfish.  You know those times when you are so mad that anyone dared play with your affections, and you decide you are going to teach someone a thing or too, yes that’s Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  You will not take it lightly if someone doesn’t care for your possessions like you do.  You are very sensitive to touch this week too.  But who wants to get mad or even with someone, when in fact it’s so much more fun to have.  Make love and not war, another aspect or Mars and Pluto.  Yes, this aspect with Mars and Pluto is uber sexy too.  Let’s remember that Mars is still out of bounds until Oct. 30th.  So the masculine or men in your life are still acting strange. 

This Mars / Pluto conjunction is related to Saturn, because Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is being aspected by the Lunar North Node which is in effect through Oct. 22nd.   Everything has consequences now.  The planet Saturn is in the 12th house to Pluto in Capricorn, this signifies a deep karmic price is to be paid for indiscretions through power, Mars and Pluto.   Saturn is in your Sun sign and you have to take care of your health, avoid accidents, bug bites and get enough rest.  Too many heavy responsibilities or not having enough help can put your own health at risk.

As the planet of communications, information and news Mercury in Libra opposes the planet of surprises wackiness, and all things bizarre  Uranus RX in Aries 22°, in your solar sector of love, romance, fun and taking chances;  and lends to the suddenness of how our peace can be disrupted very quickly.  Take care in your communications and with your relationships as they can very much be here today gone tomorrow.  Single Sagittarius can reconnect with an old love, experience a major flirtation or revel in the fact that everyone pays them lots of attention.  This week your talents stand out. 

It’s the 4th Quarter Moon in Cancer 29°49’, the fated and anaretic degree of Cancer which indicates an ending or walking away from the past in lieu of new love, or a resurrection, revival or reappearance of an old relationship.  You just decide to let go of your financial fears no matter what they are and to feel free.  You find out the truth and you feel free too.

As the Sun enters Scorpio you might feel like being more restrained, discreet or quiet.  The Suns solarizes or empowers your 12th house.  It’s time to heal, regenerate and figure things out for yourself.

The planet of abundance, largess, luck and over the top behavior Jupiter in Libra at 7° inconjuncts Neptune RX in Pisces at 9° in your 4th house of family, property matters, beginnings, endings and sometimes death.  Things are foggy, confusing or cloudy and you can feel nostalgic.  Unexpected expenses around the home can occur. This suggests that there is something regarding relationships that you cannot not ignore, or that you now see things in another that you didn’t see before.  The sign of Libra rules relationships, popularity, marriage, getting along and partnerships.  Let’s remember that Jupiter has a 12-year cycle.  So looking back 12 years ago to 2004 could give you some insight as to what you can expect from your  Jupiter transit.
As the planet of communications, news and information the planet Mercury enters the fixed sign of Scorpio your 12th house, opinions get more rigid and the lines are drawn.  It’s time for rest, it’s time to work behind the scenes and prepare for the future.  This can bring more sarcastic, sometimes deplorable behavior as we get closer to the election.  In love, you can have many new opportunities but will they work out.  Remember you are so much more than just a Sun sign! 

Oct.17   Sukkot
Venus enters Sagittarius
Mars  in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 15°
Mercury in Libra inconjunct Chiron in Pisces at 21°
Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus RX in Aries 22°
Oct.22   4th Quarter Moon in Cancer 29°49’
Oct.22   The Sun enters Scorpio
Oct.23   Sukkot ends
Jupiter in Libra at 7° inconjunct Neptune RX in Pisces at 9°
Mercury enters Scorpio

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