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September 2014 Updating   

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Libra: (Sep.23-Oct. 23):
 As your monthly astrology horoscope begins Libra, the month starts off with a 1st quarter Moon in the sign of Libra ruler of wealth, relationships, marriage and partnerships, your solar 1st house of fresh starts, taking the initiative, health and action.  The Lunar energy is culminating and intensifying to this month’s Full Moon, in Aquarius your solar 5th house of love, romance, pride and dominance. It’s called a super Moon because it’s the closest Full Moon to our earth this year.  This has us focused on who is getting along and who is not getting along with each other.  August starts off and it’s intense and pressure filled, and we need a break, a moment to lavish ourselves, catch our breaths, and indulge a little bit as this month starts with a flurry of aspects.  The month of August has everyone getting used to a new set of planets, Jupiter in Leo your solar 11th house of friends and group activities, and profits, Mars in Scorpio your solar 2nd house of morals, self-esteem and money so you could be feeling a little out of sorts initially.  What was up goes down in August and what and who was down comes up.  That typically means that there is something we’re focused on, or talking about for a few days.

The ruler of your 9th house of understanding, travel, and legalities, Mercury the planet of communication is moving quickly through the sign of Leo your solar 11th house of friends and group activities, and profits for only about 2 weeks, where the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter is now transiting.  This has Libra doing the math about what they’re getting from their business, career or profession.  This increases your self-confidence, ambitions, makes you more determined because of the fixed nature of the sign of Leo, and also more kind, generous and magnanimous especially with friends or in a social setting.  It’s also about having fun, staying positive and maybe indulging yourself and communicating with those you haven’t seen in a while.  The planet Mercury rules communications or news and in Leo relates to social activities, self-confident, sometimes arrogance, putting on airs or putting on shows, children, education, fortunate matters conjoins Jupiter in Leo education, children, amusement, or foreign matters.  In August say “yes” to invitations as you could have more fun than you ever imagined. This is also an aspect of timing and perhaps a sense of urgency.

Mars ruler of your 7th house of relationships, popularity, competition, and marriage  is in the sign of Scorpio now, your 2nd house of money, wealth, comfort and possessiveness where it will re-trace Saturn’s footsteps through Oct. 4th and then pass Saturn’s retrograde degree.  Perhaps Mars instigates some problems or begins new activities, reigniting old activities or issues that need to be integrated into your life now.  Sometimes Mars wants to even the score, especially in the sign of Scorpio.  Perhaps things will make more sense, as we get a better understanding and perhaps secrets will come out that we were unaware of before.  Scorpio also relates to secrets and Mars is clumsy with secrets! The 2nd house while ruled by the planet Venus can be a place of arguments too.

It’s easy to get down with Mars and Saturn in Scorpio and enter that dark Scorpio place called hell.  By now, you’ve felt it; that overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom. That woe is me feeling, when you’ve asked yourself if this all there is to life? Saturn is half way through it’s transit through Scorpio and Jupiter is beginning its transit in Leo, along with the Sun and Mercury.  By now, you know that you have to pick yourself up out of the depths of despair occasionally, and work on your self-confidence or lack of self-confidence.  Of course, there will be those times when the grim reaper whispers nonsense in your ear, but on the other hand so will those fun loving optimistic planets in Leo.  It’s up to you who you chose to listen to.  Perhaps you’ve avoided making a decision about a relationship or marriage because of the cost, Mars doesn’t care about the cost anymore.

Venus in Cancer your solar 10th house of career, profession, prestige and success,  ruler of home, home finances, moving, security, family and property matters trines Saturn in Scorpio 16° which also rules finances, rebuilding and yet it’s degrees retracing from the last month.  Perhaps you feel more secure with your professional reputation or social standing. Perhaps things get easier with family relationships or we just let things go easier, it’s a more self-indulgent and heaven forbid lazy time.  It’s time to get back on track financially, refinance or move.  Using your intuition is key to your success now.  Venus in Cancer trines Chiron in Pisces and intuition and compassion combine and we’re more nurturing and caring. Libra takes charge and gets ahead in August.  You are looked up to and no one can de-thrown you.

Mars is in the sign of Scorpio, your solar 2nd house, a fixed house determined to have his or her own way, which is active, wants to even the score, is forceful, stands up for the underdog, rules finances, power, death, destruction, rebuilding, repairing and financial issues. The interesting thing to note is that Mars is repeating the entire transit so far of Saturn in Scorpio but will lead us into new degrees where Saturn will spend the rest of this year and part of next year.  You don’t have to worry about that though until September. No one can tell you what to do in August, you do things your way and forcefully too.

On Aug.03 the Sun in Leo inconjuncts Pluto RX in Capricorn 11° along with Mercury in Leo which squares decision Mars in Scorpio ruler of death, destruction and rebuilding and repairing this is typical of bad weather.  The Sun, and Pluto are both power players they Sun is self-confident in Leo and Pluto is powerful in Capricorn, again there’s nothing new here since Pluto is retrograde. The month starts with a strong regenerative powerful aspect that changes the course of things to come.

Mercury the ruler of communications in Leo inconjuncts Pluto RX in Capricorn 11° ruler of earthquakes, and inconjuncts Neptune RX in Pisces ruler of the oceans to form and a Yod or Finger of God aspect.  Indicting lots of self-confidence and courage is needed in the face of whatever is threatening or causing irrational fears. Pluto in your 4th house demands you let go of the past that you are clinging to.

Now a flurry of inconjuncts starts off the month, indicating a big change in who holds the cards and who has the power.  The inconjunct relates to things beyond our control, circumstances and events, but also changes things forever. Courage and patience is required and time to let the dust settle.

On Aug.10 the Full Moon in Aquarius 18°02’ your solar 5th house of love and romance is this year’s brightest Super Moon against the back drop of the Perseid Meteor Shower it should be spectacular if it’s visible in your area.  You will want to check your free Natal Birth Chart  for planets, asteroids, and house cusps between 17°-19° degrees to see how the Super Full Moon influences you.  Fun and exciting activities with children, interesting people and friends suggest you are the center of attention. Show off and enjoy the spotlight.

As the planet of love, wealth and marriage, Venus enters Leo your solar 11th house of friends, group activities, clubs and ex-lovers; reconnecting has never been more fun.

The planet of communications Mercury enters Virgo for another fast transit in your solar 12th house of out of the way places and p after all the activity you need a rest.

As the Sun enters Virgo it shines on your 12th house of secrets fears and lays to rest whatever you have been worried about.  Get in touch with your core and inner self. 

Mars in Scorpio inconjuncts Uranus RX in Aries 16° and since Mars rules Aries someone could push you the wrong way or you could push someone else and test your limitations with someone. There’s a face off over money and possessions. Someone wants to own you like you are a possession, and it doesn’t feel good.

On Aug.25 The New Moon Virgo 2°19’ suggests we’re more down to earth focused and intent on getting this right. All New Moons start new cycles and Libra is starting a cleanup cycle, a cycle of completion.  Before any fresh start there has to be a preparation and this is yours.  You will want to check your free Natal Birth Chart  for planets, asteroids, and house cusps between 2°-3° degrees to see how the New Moon influences you.  Libra rules relationships so of course if something is going to change, it’s going to be relationship related in this topsy-turvy month.

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