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Week of May 23  - May 30, 2016 Updating 

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Scorpio: (Oct. 23-Nov.23): As your astrology horoscope week begins Scorpio, the Moon ruler of ambiance, feelings, your daily needs and the general mood is growing fuller, you could find that you too are getting more intense as the Moon gets fuller and transits this week through 4 mutable signs from Virgo to Sagittarius.  This influences your fondest hopes and dreams, friendships and the past, and after you’ve thought about the past you’ll be ready to start over with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 

This week there are no planetary aspects to speak of so, this is a moment.  For some this can lead to boredom, excessive criticism, or we could be looking to world events for entertainment.  

The Lunar North Node is transiting Virgo your solar sector of ex-lovers, networking, friendships hopes and dreams along with the planet Jupiter the planet of expansion this can propel some into being more organized, to clean up messes, healthier, and to work harder.  While the Lunar South Node is transiting Pisces your solar sector of lovers, children and happiness, along with the planet Neptune this can make some evasive, inclined to try to get away with things, inspired, spiritual and maybe a little or a lot deceptive.  This means you shouldn’t let your guard down when it comes to germs, illness, cleanliness and avoiding misunderstandings, slacking off and seeking the truth.  Many times you can think thigs are going along very well and the find out they are not.  Avoid anyone who doesn’t add to your self-esteem and who doesn’t’ make you feel loved. 

Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars RX will re-enter the fixed sign of Scorpio at months’ end but before it does the Sun in Taurus Venus in Taurus and Mercury RX in Taurus give us some time to contemplate the other’s side, view point, opposing opinions, the contrasts, contradictions and more importantly save money.  Mars transit through the fixed and deliberate sign of Scorpio is exactly where the planet Saturn transited on year ago. So the planet of action, the malefic planet Mars is exactly where Saturn was one year ago it could bring up past issues in a dynamic way that are yet unresolved like break ups, cutting someone out of your life, your finances, bankruptcy, betrayals, and nasty things that someone did to you or that you did to someone else.  This can bring or uncover scandals or could have you looking back at things that occurred one year ago but seeing them in a different way.  Don’t under estimate the quietness of this week.  Perhaps you’ve gotten better at saving money.  It’s all about starting over and you are one of the Sun signs who has experienced a prolonged or longer than usual starting over period. Maybe there’s still changes you need to make or someone you still need to release. 

As the Sun enters Gemini it solarizes and bring power and light to your joint financial sector, investments, inheritances and saving money.  You can think of many ways to add to your bank account now.  Communications about joint finances resume.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius at 1°14’culminates the last two weeks of activities since the New Moon You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 1° because this Full Moon can add to your bank account and make you feel great.  You might even feel like spending money!

Just before Mercury resumes direct motion the hot Sun in Gemini opposes heated Mars RX in Sagittarius at 2°, where glib honesty meets facts or if you promised too much someone may ask you to keep your word.  This can bring surprises over joint finances, banking and credit.  Stay on top of costs.

Finally, Mercury goes direct in Taurus at 14° and things can begin to get back on track!  As the planet of communications Mercury resumes direct motion your thinking can clear up and the green light to buy that computer, cell phone, new gadget or expensive car is blinking.  Since mercury rules ex-lovers and your finances you may still have a connection with someone from the past. 

May 24   Venus enters Gemini
May 24  
Venus in Gemini opposes MarsRX in Sagittarius at 0°
May 26  
Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13° Check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 13°
May 27  
MarsRX re-enters Scorpio 29°
May 29   4th Qtr. Moon in Pisces at 8°33’ Check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 13°
May 30   Happy Memorial Day
May 30  
Mercury in Taurus trine PlutoRX in Capricorn at 17° Check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 17°

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