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October 2014 Updating

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Pisces: (Feb. 19-Mar.20):
 As your astrology horoscope month begins Pisces, it starts with a 1st quarter Moon in Scorpio your solar 9th house of travel, foreigners, people at a distance, legalities, educations, red tape, tests, licensing, the rules and procedures along with the planets Mars and Saturn.  Mars hasn’t transited the sign of Scorpio for two years and this month is important for the transit of Mars.  The planet Mars will pass through Saturn’s retrograde degree of 23° and enter the sign of Sagittarius your solar 10th house of career, business, professionalism, higher ups, and recognition, success, and set the tone of Saturn’s entrance into the sign of Sagittarius on Dec. 23rd.  Saturn crystallizes everything and brings the house and sign that it transits into clear focus.  September is the 4th quarter of the year and a time when we start bringing in aspects of the coming New Year.  Be aware of the seeds you sow now. 

Mercury enters Libra and Venus enters Virgo forming a parallel and working together.  It’s romantic and practical. You need other people and they are there for you. 

It’s the Full Moon on Sept. 08.   The Full Moon in Pisces 16° 19’ A Super Moon, is the last Super Moon of 2014.  Every Full Moon culminates a cycle from the New Moon preceding it.  The last sign of the zodiac also indicates a completion of a cycle.  Where is the sign of Pisces in your natal birth chart?  In your solar 1st house it’s time for a fresh start, and all the attention is clearly on you now.  Take the initiative and do things, anything.  Full Moons can be romantic or bring other emotions to the forefront.  Perhaps, there’s something you’ll lay to rest, or show more compassion towards.  In the chart of the Full Moon in Pisces the planet, Mars will be at 26° Sagittarius, where Saturn will be on the New Moon at 0°Sagittarius  in November;  another indication that a beautiful dance is underway and this is a special time indeed. You are completing a cycle and setting the stage for a new opening act. 


Just before Mars enters the fire sign of Sagittarius, your solar 10th house of career, business, professionalism, higher ups, and recognition, success, it transits through Saturn’s retrograde degree 28° Scorpio where Saturn will go direct in August 2nd 2015.  The Sun is at 18°-19° degrees along with the Lunar Nodes.  The ruler of this area of your life is Jupiter and Jupiter is transiting Leo your solar 6th house of work, health, drama and employment and brings a new opportunity believe it or not.  Pay attention to Sept. 11th -12th, events that occur now or decisions that are made now have far reaching consequences for good or bad depending on your natal birth chart

Mars enters Sagittarius, your solar 10th house of career, business, professionalism, higher ups, and recognition, success, where Saturn will enter on Dec. 23rd.  It’s a unique time to get a feel for what issues the planet Saturn will bring into your life when it enters the Sign of Sagittarius.  Not to worry, as you grow older Saturn actually helps you.  Saturn after all is about duty, accepting the cloak of responsibility and maturity.  You will need to work hard and adhere to the rules to get ahead.

Sept. 15th -Sept. 22nd  The Rishi Stars are visible

From Sept. 15 to 22, the 'Rishi' stars will be visible in the night sky. The Rishi Stars are steeped in tradition and lore.  They are the stars that make up the Big Dipper and have special significance in Vedic Astrology and Eastern religions.  According to eastern tradition, this special astrological constellation when visible in the heavens causes the natural water sources on earth to be transformed into nectar-like healing liquids. It is particularly beneficial to bathe or swim on these days, or to keep bottles of healing water and medicines out at night.

Pluto in Capricorn goes direct at 10°in your solar 11th house of hopes, fears, friends, networking, like-minded people, groups, brotherhoods, and clubs.  Friends can be a boon or a bust now.  Pluto called the God of the underworld and takes you to the depths and then the heights.  In Capricorn Pluto rules the powerful and the gatekeepers, who block change and sometimes progress and try to keep the status quo.        

It’s the Fall Equinox a traditional turning point as the Sun enters Libra your solar 8th house of joint finances, other people’s money and resources, power and intimacy.

The New Moon in Libra 1°08’ Eastern time on Sept. 24th, in your solar 8th house of joint finances, other people’s money and resources, power and intimacy coincides with the Fall Equinox and definitely makes this an exciting turning point for many.  Venus ruled Libra benefits you through others generosity, inheritances, credit and banking and through relationships.  Where is the sign of Libra in your natal birth chart?   


Mercury the planet of communications and commerce enters its storm and starts moving slowly it prepare to go retrograde on Oct 4th.  As Mercury enters Scorpio, your solar 9th house of P.R. and marketing don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your skills, if you don’t’ tell others why you’re so great who will?  Communications can turn brutally honest, sarcastic and caustic especially if those around you or you are under pressure.  Your interests turn to anything mystical or erotic.  For some there could be talk of commitment. Pisces has to follow the rules and obey the laws. 

As the planet of love, marriage, relationships, and wealth Venus, the sign of her home, Libra money comes easily and you overcome financial fiascos.

They Say that Astrologers are born not made; meaning you are born an astrologer through many either incarnations or not.  Astrology is not easy; I work hard at it constantly in an effort to translate this universal language into easy to understand terms that everyone can understand.  So remember, when you require more details and effortless timing, only a real astrologer can put it all together for you; I am only a phone consultation or email reading away. You can listen to my Daily Horoscopes exclusively on iheartradio

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