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Special Thanks to My Teachers

With sincerest thanks to the most significant teachers that have irreversibly influenced my life. These are just a few people I admire, I got close to over the years and who continue to inspire me. There isn't a spiritual leader out there that isn't just a human being afterall.

To Louise, a gifted psychic, and teacher, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Like all good people she passed away too quickly.

To Yogi Bhajan, Siri Singh Sahib.....

"whatever you are, you are, be proud of it". yb

I took this picture of Yogi Bhajan and in the arc of influence, the head in front of him, was the person who before ever meeting her, became my yoga teacher, Anastasia

In a subsequent private meeting he wrote his chart for me and wanted an interpretation, he told me, "you're an Astrologer, and astrologers always have to be prepared". We had a lovely Dar shan that day and he made a very hot and spicy soup, ah no, he instructed the making of the soup. He was magical man, deeply missed by many!


Rabbi Joseph Gelberman Founder of the All Faiths Seminary in New York City. "Never instead of, always in addition to."For over 20 years, he served as the Rabbi of the Little Synagogue in New York City. At present, he is the Rabbi of The New Synagogue of New York City. Rabbi Gelberman is widely recognized as a modern master of the teachings of the Kabbalah. He is the author of seven books, including "The Kabbalah As I See It" and "Spiritual Truths." He does Kabbalah consultations and ministry School www.allfaithseminary.org/rabbi.asp


OSHO , Rajneesh

Inspiring and delightful, I recommend everyone read a little of his vast writings, there's something there for everyone and every mood! Misunderstood? Perhaps, as most spiritual leaders are. He was after all human.

The "No Thought of the Day"...I wish, I just wish I could have met you, and I wish everyone would just read some of your works!

Jeanne Dixon We all grew up with her daily astrology predictions. She gained her fame from predicting the assassination of president john F. Kennedy.


In the end I believe we not going to be remembered by how much money have or what we left, that will be replaced by others. We are only going to be remembered for the friends and people in our lives, and whose lives we touched.

Terry Nazon



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