The 11thHouse

by Terry Nazon

The 11thHouse is ruled by the planet Uranus, and the sign of Aquarius It rules friends, group activities, mentors career or business profits, because it is the 2ndHouse to the 10thHouse of career. It rules in-laws, step children because it is the 5thHouse to our 7thHouse of marriage. Mentors, counseling, money made from hobbies, and your hopes and fears.

The 11thHouse rules sudden change, which in turn can produce either a great hopeful feeling or a gripping fear feeling. It describes through the aspects to it, the condition of your friendships, and if you are prone or not to cliques, gangs, togetherness and joining forces with others. Impersonal friendships are rules by the 11thHouse and close personal friendships are ruled by the 7thHouse.

The 11thHouse is describes your rebellion and if you will rebel. It's how you are different and where you dare to be unique. This is generally reflected in your groups and friendships.

In the Natal Chart : One finds here the externalization of the native's social position; the nature and characteristics of his circle of acquaintances and friends; his ideals with respect to human and therefore social relationships; his hopes, wishes, projects and ambitions; the reformer's dreams and his efforts to realize them; flatterers and their machinations; to a certain extent the imagination; his sons and his daughters-in-law. Its Lord and the planets tenanting it are an index to his idea of happiness and the probabilities of his ultimate attainment thereof. When considered in relation to the First, Fifth and EighthHouses, it becomes an important arc, for with an afflicted Eleventh House little real satisfaction can be extracted from life - riches, a beautiful home, a fond and dutiful wife and children, and all the tangible things for which a heart could wish, yet never the serene contentment wherewith to enjoy them.

The Fifth and EleventhHouses are an index to the personal-emotional desires and their sublimated form as found in platonic friendship.

The Ninth and EleventhHouses indicate higher levels of consciousness as to both mind and emotion.

If the Lord of the Eleventh is stronger than the Lord of the Seventh the native's friends and assistants are more numerous and powerful than his adversaries.

In Mundane Astrology: The legislative branches of the government, particularly the lower house, with the Fifth more directly concerned with the upper house; town and county councils, and state legislatures; the friends of the nation; the Stock Exchange, as an organization apart from its activities; ceremonies and celebrations; the exchange of amenities with foreign governments; hence the nation's aims, desires, purposes, projects, and alliances.

In a National Figure: The treasury, as distinguished from the Secretary of the Treasury.

In an Organization: Other friendly organizations, in companies closely allied to or associated with its activities; also organizations or facilities which provide social activities, as fraternal groups and clubs; the treasury as distinguished from the treasurer.

Houses, Reciprocal or Opposite

Fifth and Eleventh. The FifthHouse involves the ability of the native to take advantage of the Laws of Chance at such times as they become operative in his favor. Its effects are under his control in that he alone decides the nature of the investments, whether or not he will make them, and when. Romance and emotional matters in general partake of the essence of Chance, for the native's acts produce emotional disturbances or yield emotional satisfactions according as the Laws of Chance favor him. This strongly contrasts with the effects resulting from the EleventhHouse influences, for these deter- mine whether his hopes, wishes and desires are to be gratified or denied. That for which he wishes and the treasure or resources upon which he can draw wherewith to obtain them, is shown by the FifthHouse; but whether his wish will or will not be granted through the influence or intervention of other persons, is in the domain of the EleventhHouse.

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