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The 10th House

The 10th house is ruled by Saturn. It represents the pinnacle of what we do with our lives. Ambitions, hunger for power, authority, respect, fame and fortune. It is the house of ruling over others. Or being ruled over by others, depending on your chart. What we become, who we become. It rules career, reputation, status, wisdom, fulfillment's of our dreams and aspirations, It's all that we aspire to become and at different times in our lives that changes. In your twenties you may just aspire to be more mature, more respected, tolerant of others and you may just have a desire to change your inner being. This is an angular house and as such it is very important, transits to the angular houses indicate turning points and significant changes!

The 10th house is also called the house of "downfalls". Your ability to accept responsibilities, and assume a role of power and authority appropriately without misusing your role in life to create havoc for those less fortunate, or those under your tutelage. Here you feel the consequences of your actions, with blockages, bad luck, falls from grace, discomfort and reap the bad karma of your actions or misdeeds. It is a house of corrections. It's where you are hardest on yourself. Sometimes we find afflictions to the 10th house in those people who are mean spirited and use and abuse others. In the respect it's a karmic house because it is ruled by the disciplinarian Saturn. Any planets in a house strengthen or weaken it. Making it more or less significant according to your birthday and your particular natal birth chart.

In the Natal Chart: From this arc one traces the native's business or professional life and affairs, his honor, preferment, fame, credit, reputation, career, and position in society; hence his standing before the world. As the operational base for social intercourse, it offers a summation of the native's human relationships. From this arc inferences may be drawn concerning his relations with those who are more or less in authority over him - his employers and clients; his cousins on his father's side, and ordinarily his mother in that here racial consciousness, and what may be termed the "national soul," becomes an entity. Of the four angles it is second in importance, the southern end of the meridian running through the birthplace: the Mid heaven, the Rational Axis, the Line of Universal Being, the Point of Solar Sustaining, the Line of Concrete Experience and its sublimation. As the apex of the Nativity, it assembles, vitalizes, universalizes and largely summarizes the individual's relationship to society as expressed through his occupational activities.

In Mundane Astrology: The Chief Executive, as occupying the control-tower of the nation; the political party in power; eminent and famous persons, and those upon whom rest the nation's honor, reputation and standing among the nations of the world; the national power, trade, culture, ideals and achievements. The most favoring planets in this House in a Mundane Figure, are the Sun and Jupiter.

In a Court of Law: the judge. In a Contest: the referee.

In an Organization: The supreme or governing authority; the President, or Chairman of the Board.

Houses, Reciprocal or Opposite

Fourth and Tenth. The Fourth House produces effects involving the environment, which are subject to the control of the native, in that he can alter his environment or upset his home conditions and that of all those who are intimately related to him, to his heart's content. Only through this House can he build his reputation and the foundations of his professional career. In contrast, forces operative through his Tenth House to affect his fortunes in his profession or career, he cannot directly control; since his ultimate fate is largely dependent upon the attitude of others toward him.

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