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The planet Neptune rules the Sun Sign Pisces and the 12th house of the zodiac.  Neptune is the planet that rules dreams, illusions, daydreaming, the connection with the cosmic intelligence, and creativity that is achieved through connecting to the cosmic consciousness. How else would we be enticed to experiment and try new things without the planet Neptune. The planet Neptune creates the idea, the passion, the fantasy, the illusion, and the dream of a lifetime.

Neptune the Shockingly Forbidden

Neptune the planet that rules the sign of Pisces and is the higher octave of the planet Venus is transiting Aquarius.  Ever since Neptune has entered Aquarius we have had our world rocked by all things previously unthinkable and unimaginable, the shockingly forbidden,  We could have never imagined that there would be a day when the Twin Towers wouldn’t be a part of the New York City landscape, yet that day has come and gone and we have acclimated to it.  So many other shocking events have happened over the course of this transit, that have changed our lives and that we now take as normal.  Taking your shoes off before boarding a plane, your children going through metal detector to go into a classroom, worrying about your child being killed at school, and teachers afraid of students, these things are the shockingly forbidden things that have been breached.
This year Neptune conjoins Jupiter and Chiron in a rare cosmic event that hasn’t happened since 1945, the year the first Atomic Bomb was dropped on a populated area, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Neptune as ruler of the sign of Pisces and the solar 12th house represents those things that society doesn’t want to see or know about.  What goes on behind closed doors is fine, what you do in the privacy of your home is no ones business and no one really cares; but air your dirty laundry and people are not just shocked they are turned off.  We really don’t want to know about what goes on in airport bathrooms, we don’t want to know about the seedy elements that may exist, and most of us probably don’t even imagine about these things. Yet Neptune in Aquarius is going for shock value! It’s forcing us to look at that part of our world and our collective consciousness that goes too far, that is not well. Neptune in Aquarius is exposing those elements of our collective consciousness that are in you me and everyone.  It’s part of the process of evolution. Aquarius is Pisces 12th house and as such represents the fears, phobias that we normally suppress and don’t act out upon.  In much the same way that all those born under the sign of Pisces must feel about exposing and unleashing their suppressed powers on everyone. The 12th house is the collapse, the end, how things finish out; before the rebuilding and restructuring takes place or can take place. Even in death there would be a restructuring as our soul lives on. Are we going to experience such a collapse, such a shockingly forbidden event that we will have to rebuild, reevaluate and restructure our lives and our world? Neptune in Aquarius along with Jupiter and Chiron this year is living with the cork about to burst off of the champagne bottle, the top rattling on the pressure cooker, or the rumbling of a volcano, that’s going to explode.

Neptune Retrograde

Under the influence of Neptune our soul moves backwards and forwards. Living in the dream state of imagination and dreams, our soul moves backwards in a negative direction until the we are ready to change directions. Feed up, crunch time comes and reality breaks through, and our soul changes directions, moving forward. The release is painful resulting in tears of disillusionment as our dreams and imaginations are shattered. What we thought we had , we don't. We then are compelled to use the creative powers of the soul to create and establish. Positive creative functions forward moving direction of our soul results in concrete births. You know if you are on a negative path or positive path with Neptune by observing the real or concrete tangible products of your imagination. A love affair that is imaginary will produce nothing concrete, real love produces concrete results.

Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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