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Uranus in Aries


May 27, 2011 until August 13, 2011
March 12, 2011
until May 2018

Uranus takes about 80 years to completely transit the zodiac, and spends about 8 years in each sign.  The last time Uranus was in the sign of Aries was during the late 1920's a time when the world expereinced great panic and the great depression.  That doesn't suggest that everytime Uranus enters Aries we experience economic depressions, not at all.  The last time Uranus was in the sign of Pisces was in the 1920's. The 20's gave way to The Prohibition; alcohol ruled by Pisces was outlawed; yet, it really didn't stop society from drinking. We can expect during Uranus's transit of Pisces similar prohibitions. If we have learned the lessons of the first transit, we may not repeat them. The 20's gave way to the biggest stock market crash ever and heralded in The Great Depression. The sign of Pisces indicates tests, as it is the last sign of the Zodiac, before we begin a new karmic cycle as a Collective Consciousness. How will Uranus transit into a new Zodiac sign affect you? Uranus in Pisces, will somehow transform you, but how?

The planet Uranus, ruler of the sign of Aquarius is known for it revolutionary qualities. Its main attribute is one of revolutionary change that is quick, sudden and unexpected. Through the sign of Pisces a water sign, not necessarily known for quick changes and suddenness of character, just maybe for thrashing around…we will experience sudden changes that are more insidious, less noticeable. It will be like walking around in a daze and then experiencing huge changes that cannot be changed back. Pisces sometimes doesn't like to deal with issues rather the sign is a sign of avoidance…if there are issues you are avoiding or being evasive about you will be challenged by Uranus to handle them in an emergency. Bodies of water, rain even our drinking water will be changed dramatically under this transit.

Pisces ruler of the 12th house is a spiritual house much more at home in the dream world it creates rather than the real world of hard realities. Aquarius the natural home of Uranus is the 12 th house to Pisces so it always does seem to Pisces that things are happening or happen sort of suddenly and unexpectedly. The reality is they do not. It is merely Pisces's trait of avoiding reality, being evasive, living 10 feet off the ground that constantly make the sign fearful of the unexpected! Translated into Uranus in Pisces, this means that as a collective whole we could be constantly waiting for the next big blow, fearing the unexpected and not taking precautions for the unexpected happenings in our world today.

The Big News is the Saturn-Uranus opposition the 1st occurs on November 4th the day of the presidential elections.  What does that mean for you personally though? The opposition is an aspect where the two sides have no common meeting ground.  You’ll here astrologers say it’s the young (Uranus) against the old (Saturn) the new rebellion against the establishment, or new ideas conflicting with the established way of doing things.
Is that it, is that all it means? No! In the beginning when God created the earth, the heavens and the stars as signs the lights to rule day and night, he created man to continue the story of creation.    The outer planets rule creation, the greater cosmic plan!

The Saturn-Uranus opposition last occurred in 1965-66

Saturn-Uranus Opposition 1965-66
April 1st, 1965  
Saturn in Pisces 11*, Opposes Uranus in Virgo 11*
August, 28th 1965 
Saturn in Pisces 14* , Opposes Uranus in Virgo 14*
February 24th,1966
Saturn in Pisces 18*Opposes Uranus in Virgo 18*

Pluto was never far away in Virgo.

Now it’s switched with Saturn in Virgo, and Uranus in Pisces.  The generation that was young and created the rebellion in the 60’s is now the older generation, the establishment. How far have we come, what have we become? Now the opposition occurs  5 times through July 26, 2011.  Pluto is never far away again!

Saturn-Uranus Opposition 2008-2011
Nov. 4th, 2008  
Saturn in Virgo 18* opposing Uranus in Pisces 18*
Feb. 5th 2009    
  Saturn in Virgo 20* opposing Uranus in Pisces 20*
Sept. 15th, 2009   Saturn in Virgo 24* opposing Uranus in Pisces 24*
April 26th 2011 Saturn in Virgo 28* opposing Uranus in Pisces 28*
  July 26th, 2011 Saturn in Libra 0* opposing Uranus in Aries 0*

It still doesn’t answer the question what does it all mean.  It means that there is a cosmic job fair being held and the universe has positions open and available to qualified applicants.  Anyone with planets between 19*-29*preferably in mutable planets of Gemini and Sagittarius can apply.  However, people with planets in Virgo and Pisces are welcome to apply also.  You will bridge the opposition for the rest of us.  You will connect the opposing sides and give meaning and be an outlet for the energy.  You will tell us what to do!  The Job is to help change the world.  We need people with the Gemini influence between 19*-29* degrees to help us see both sides of the situation, and to start a dialog, to get us talking about things; to be a bridge.  We need people with Sagittarius planets between 19*-29* degrees, to write about the changes they see coming and to make us laugh and see the changes as an adventure not something to be feared; to be a bridge!  Many will hear the announcement but, perhaps won’t listen. That’s what usually happens with cosmic calls. Many get the message but don’t do anything! In part, because, you do have to put aside your own personal desires, perhaps your personal life and submit yourself to the cosmic consciousness to do the job.
Then, the universe is going to need people born with planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, at 0*, to help us start over.  To take the lead, and lead us in a new direction! We’ll need decision makers! We will need bridges and only people can be bridges to the cosmic plan.  The universe needs people to participate in the next phase of the creative process.  You can be the bridge to opposition between Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries and to be the connective force. So in the creative consciousness it’s people who bridge the gap, make the connection and put it all together.  We are part of the creative force; in fact we are the missing links in creation.  The opposition between these two great planets is nothing and will be nothing without people taking their destined roles and helping out!
Do you have a role to play in the divine plan?  Maybe you do.

On Friday March 13Th, the planet Uranus moves past its retrograde station at 22* Pisces. Uranus retrograded on June 27, 2008 at 22* Pisces, and is now moving past its retrograde point into new degrees, this is called moving out of its shadow. Uranus moves forward bringing new experiences to us, and then again retrogrades back to 22*, to the very same retrograde point in Dec.2009.   As a planet retrogrades it makes 3 passes through the same degrees. That makes 22* Pisces very important. The old problems that have plagued us since 2008 can now be cleared, and then as a reminder come back to haunt us briefly.  With a strong emphasis in Aquarius now, the ruling planet of Aquarius, the transits of Uranus are going to be very important to us. Since Uranus will no longer oppose Saturn in the degrees between 18*-22* degrees, we know that the next Saturn-Uranus opposition will be about new circumstances and events in our lives. We know that the stage is set as the Sun as it moves into the 1st zodiac sign of Aries, and we experience the Spring Equinox and the next New Moon, that we will all be experiencing something new in our lives.
The planet Uranus is outside what is visible to the naked eye. It is the invisible, the spiritual, the things we don’t see coming, those surprises and unexpected events that happen to us. As a spiritual threshold, it can  represent spiritual mentors, the occult, hypnosis, and even astrology. It is the influence that others have on us when we are weak, fearful and vulnerable. It rules those people who seem to bring excitement into our lives. The people who share our vision, and dreams for a better world.  Those who seem different and yet who we think we want to be accepted by. It represents those people we have to try to make approve of us, like in-laws, friends, VIP’s, mentors, ex lovers, or people we think are more powerful than we are. It’s who you turn to when you are in trouble or need help. It represents love at first sight, and can make you throw caution to the wind and give up everything for something or someone new. Uranus touches a part of us we have little control over. The rebellion of our youth, our mid life and ultimately, the dementia of our old age, are influenced by Uranus. Since Uranus rules the memory, while you are in your Uranus moment you forget everything and everyone that meant any thing before or that you worked hard on before. It’s an existential experience that takes you out of where you are for a brief moment in time. The spiritual experiences of the outer planets don’t last though. They are fleeting experiences and so it goes with Uranus too. It’s a temporary letting go of boundaries and temporary letting go of limitations, restrictions and routine.
The planet Uranus rules the higher octave of Mercury.  Time, electricity, power, weather and communications come under their ruler ships.  Uranus speeds up time and while the normal process of karma can be slow and painful, Uranus speeds it and makes you go through 5 years of karma in 5 months or 5 days. We’ve all had people come into our lives and the relationship or friendship took off very quickly and you felt a real connection and then they were gone and you were left to figure out what just happened.  That’s a Uranus experience for you. Lightening fast, thunderbolts that pack a punch, can be brilliant or devastating and then it’s over.
In the end, the experiences Uranus brings to you abruptly end, your memory returns and you long for the way things used to be. When it’s over, it’s over. You tire of the freaks, the instability in your life and you long for whatever it was you were running away from.  Again, Uranus rules memory so when your Uranus experience is over you forget everyone and everything that you experienced while you and Uranus tripped the light fantastic. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you end up finding out who you are and what you want, and realize it was right there all the time.
In mythology Gaia (Mother Earth) was the wife of Uranus and the mother of Saturn. Uranus was the father of Cronos, (Saturn).  Uranus hated the children he had with Gaia (Mother Earth), and imprisoned them. Gaia cried out for the death of Uranus, and it was only Saturn who would do it.   It is ultimately Saturn who ambushes Uranus and castrates him. That’s why Saturn (Time) always wins over Uranus (Freedom and rebellion).
In their timeless dance in the heavens Saturn pursues Uranus and opposes him every 45 years and squares him every 22 ½ years.

Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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