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The 9th House

Each zodiac house has a planet as it's ruler and also has a corresponding Sun sign as it's cosmic influence.The 9th house is ruled by the planet Jupiter. and the sign of Sagittarius is influenced by it. Your interest and desire to learn about things different from you are ruled by this house. In the celestial body the 9th house is also ruled by the sign of Sagittarius. The expansiveness and zest of the ruling planet Jupiter is seen in the 9th house. Interest in foreign travel, and the desire to know about and experience other cultures and religions is a 9th house matter. Inquisitiveness, or not, establishes itself here. Your ability to learn and your desire to learn are seen here. As well as your educational background. How far you got through college, if you'll return to college or university are seen through the 9th house or it's ruler. Any form of professional licensing are 9th house matters too. The 9th house rules all aspects of the law, official sanctions, ceremonies,laws and mandates. Legalities and the inner workings of the law and government, these are all are cosmic 9th house matters .While the 3rd house rules thinking, influencing others on a one to one basis, the 9th house rules your influence on a larger community or larger scale. Knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge are ruled by the 9th house. As are courageous acts of moral courage. Your beliefs, principles, religious outlook and personal philosophies and ethics are found in this sector of your chart. Karma, fate, destiny and your view of God are 9th house matters. Your ability to influence groups of people, through writing, and publishing are all ruled by the 9th house. Good fortune and your ability to draw good fortune to yourself through positive thinking and attitude are ruled by this house of the zodiac as well. Any planets in a house strengthen or weaken it. Making it more or less significant according to your birthday and your particular natal birth chart.

In the Natal Chart: The realm of the abstract mind, of intuition and inspiration, of dreams and visions, hence an index to one's reactions to philosophy, success and religion; and to his sense of responsibility toward relatives, by blood or in law. From this arc inferences arc drawn concerning grandchildren, especially those of his brother and his sister-in-law; the probability of distant travel, timing, nature and results; the fate and nature of imports and exports; the ultimate result of long-range advertising; world wide contacts and mental adjustment to racial ideas, ideals and collective needs. With an author, his works from the standpoint of publication.

In Mundane Astrology: Long-distance passenger and freight transportation and communications, by or over sea, air and land; religion and the clergy; judges and courts of law; the educated classes: universities and institutions of higher learning, and their administrative and teaching personnel; philosophic and scientific societies and institutions and their publications; all facilities designed to meet the public demand in education, religion, transportation and communications; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; immigration as distinguished from emigration; weather conditions along the coast, particularly incoming storms in process of formation as distinguished from their effects; and the origins of all disturbances, either of an intellectual or atmospheric nature. Observe a distinction drawn between the public's attitude toward the press, as indicated by the Third House, and the attitude of the press toward the public as indicated by the Ninth House.

In a National Figure: The Secretary of State as a government official, as distinguished from the State Department; the educated classes - those who control or govern the reading, writing or traveling habits of the public.

In an Organization: the advertising department; long distance communications; results of mail-order campaigns; relations with educational institutions and publications; professional consultants, publicity and public relations; officials, as distinguished from their departments.

Houses, Reciprocal or Opposite

Third and Ninth: The Third House is productive of effects which rest on changes under the direct control of the native and which result from his own acts. These may be various, such as changes of location (travel), or changes of domicile (removal). In contrast, Ninth House operations are not under his control, but involve the wider changes wrought by an evolution that is largely the result of outside forces. Similar facilities are indicated by both Houses, but in the Third their application is confined to the dissemination of information, while in the Ninth they are utilized to educate and mold public opinion.

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