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by Terry Nazon Astrologer

Mars is the ruler of the solar 1st house , and the Sun Sign Aries. Mars has a transit period through the entire zodiac of about 2 ½ years. That means that it takes the planet Mars approximately 2 ½ years to transit all 12 zodiac signs. Taking into account it's retrograde periods. Mars rules activity. it rules men in a woman's chart. It rules work, to some extent your health, and it can affect your appearance because it is the natural ruler of the solar 1st house. It's property is not just forward moving as it's energy is resistant also. Moving forward and moving back constantly. That's why most people with heavy Mars influence move forward then backwards. Giving them a reputation as good starters but, not necessarily good finishers. The color associated with the planet Mars is red. the gemstone associated with the planet Mars is Red Coral.
Mars goes retrograde approximately every two years making it an event to be noticed. Since the planet Mars rules energy, offensive and defensive energy when the red planet assumes an apparent retrograde motion from our perspective her on Earth it's energy becomes more contemplative. Reactions, anger and decisions are not rushed into.

Mars through the Signs


Mars in Aries: Mars is the natural ruler of Aries. If you have Mars in Aries, in general your actions are precise and directed easily. Mars in Aries is defiant, acts courageously, and likes sharp, shiny things. In relationships, this placement definitely likes to do the chasing and is quite aware of the hunting game that goes on in relationships! Passionate, and energetic in bed!

Mars in Taurus: Taurus is a slow methodical sign much like the bull it is depicted as. Slow to anger but, when it does watch out a stampede! Mars in Taurus develops a value system early on things they will and will not do. In addition, you cannot change them. They value loyalty (though sometimes misplaced) and they valued old-fashioned dogmatic, religious ideas. Don’t even bother trying to change their course of action once decided that’s it!

Mars in Gemini: Quick is the word that describes this Mars placement. Everything they do is quick and their attention span is limited. Worse case scenario is that they run themselves down to a nervous break down! However, that’s only the half of it Mars in Gemini is delicate, and fragile. They need things to be as simple as possible not to overwhelm their senses. Writing is a special talent here!

Mars in Cancer: Mars is in it's Fall in the sign of Cancer. Mars in it's fall means that Mars is weak in the sign of Cancer and needs more experience, learning, or requires some action to be taken.Mars a fire planet is not expressed well through a water sign such as Cancer. Here the emotional nature of Cancer interferes by wetting the fire of the planet of action Mars. In this placement, the person has to feel like doing something. On the other hand, doesn’t feel like doing anything, or is not in the mood.

Mars in Leo: A fire Planet (Mars) in a Fire sign Leo is a good placement. It could on occasion lead to some immature behavior as Leo rules the 5th house of children. Here Mars loves to have fun, play, and be happy. These people excel in sports, and hobbies. Some may have a problem with gambling. Big, showy personalities are found here.

Mars in Virgo: This placement of Mars produces people who turn hobbies into money making ventures. Profit is made through sports and they have unusual manual dexterity. Athletic talent exists here. Again, we have the earthy qualities of Virgo (precision, organization, and talent) combined with the directed heat of Mars.

Mars in Libra: Mars ruler of the 1st house directly opposes the sign of Libra. Expressed through Libra Mars has difficulties making decisions, can be lazy, causing problems with relationships, ambiguous attractions, and a definite femininity. Mars in Libra hates being alone and, will hop from one relationship to another. They really don’t like ugliness. Next to male Virgo’s this would be my second choice for men who cannot commit!

Mars in Scorpio: Mars a fire planet is the co-ruler of Scorpio so it’s energies are more at home here. Talk about vindictive and dangerous though…this is a placement for an organized crime leader! You do not want to rub these folks the wrong way. Forceful and direct they love to dirty…I mean really dirty!

Mars in Sagittarius: Mars (Fire) in a fire sign is direct energy. These folks are fun, truthful to a fault (the kind who point out all your flaws) religious and have a deep respect for education. They love and will travel to many other countries in their lifetimes. As a rule the love different everything! This placement makes good lawyers and winners in lawsuits!

Mars in Capricorn: There is nothing trivial about Capricorn, and if you think so you don’t really know them. Mars here gives a methodical person who will never give up. When I say never, believe me never. Political, methodical and once they have decided on something they will achieve it no matter what.

Mars in Aquarius: This position of Mars can out perform and shock everyone. These are the people who jump out at you to scare you, and their movements are so quick and unpredictable. In their childhood years they probably get misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit disorder when in reality their brains are just faster and their movements are just faster. Abundant energy, genius, and talent exist with this placement.

Mars in Pisces: Mars in the watery sign of Pisces has sometimes little or no incentive to get out of bed in the morning. What do you get when you mix fire and water…steam. Nothing happens. They work in spurts and get discouraged easily. Some find a fascination in the underworlds of drugs and alcohol. Others tune into the fine scientific mind that this placement can produce and become effective healers and doctors.

Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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