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Barack Obama

LEO DOB 8/4/1961


President Barack Obama is a Leo. His Aquarius rising speaks of his high ideas and public appeal.  During the 1st half of 2012 Mars is retrograde in Leo and dips back into his 6th house of health, well being, and crisis.  Saturn the planet of lessons and karma in Libra aspects his Venus in Cancer.  Venus represents the wife, marriage and money. As Saturn, and Uranus will both be aspecting his Venus he will be dealing with the economic troubles of the country, the stock market, inflation, and gold prices in particular.  The last time Pluto was in Capricorn and Uranus entered Aries we suffered the great depression.  These problems could be ongoing even through 2012. Neptune the planet that also rules money troubles aspect his South Node and opposes his Uranus.  In the 1st house not taking action or being too idealistic, even thinking some troubles are just going to iron themselves out could be an issue.  Getting good advice will be essential to his presidency.  There is the additional issue of his protection which is of an ongoing concern especially in April and May 2012.

Inauguration Chart Obama January 20, 2009 at 11:30 AM EST Washington, DC

The World’s President.

The inauguration chart of the 44th inauguration of US President Barack Obama occurs at 11:30 am EDT in Washington, DC, it’s called the Swearing in Ceremony.  The sign of Taurus ruler of the natural 2nd house of money and assets will be rising, indicating how important the economy, values, money and sheer bull headed persistence will be to this presidency.  The Sun along with Mercury rx, Jupiter, and The North Node (what he brings with him) are high in the 10th house of status, ambitions fame and world wide fortune.  Chiron, the wounded healer and Neptune are in the 11th house of friends, the past and profits. Aquarius tears down the structures of the past, and brings back government to the people.  We're in it with him, we all have something at stake and his failures are our failures and that can't happen.  Aquarius is a forward moving sign that still holds hands with it’s ruler of long ago Saturn. The world is watching and shares in the hopes and dreams of the United States, he is the world’s president and the whole world is waiting with hope and anticipation for this president that he will change not just the United States but the World because what happens here, affects every country materialistically, spiritually and morally. There is no thought of failure, only we won’t stop until we succeed.  The 10th house is a persistent house it never gives up and with the planets in the 10th house this president and his administration will work hard to give the people what they voted for, hope and change! Venus and Neptune are within 2 degrees of each other in the natural 12th house forgiveness and prayers inspiration will be with him, his mistakes are expected and will be forgiven easily.  The Moon in Scorpio in the 7th house suggests the economy, banking, finance, credit and of course the bailout will important factors to every decision, and that enemies will be uncovered before they strike.  Retrograde Saturn in Virgo the 6th house suggests government, will be streamlined, it will go back to basics and sheer hard work.  Old and useless ideas will be recycled not thrown away.  Frugality will be instituted.  Barack Obama is a servant of the people, he'll work hard to tackle the legacy that has been handed to him and he'll win the support and hard work of others to get the job done.  A president for the World his successes are our successes, and his failures are our failures.  The World will rally in support to get the economy, world peace and the Earth back on track. 

Michelle Obama

Capricorn 1/17/1964

Michelle Obama is a 3rd decanate Capricorn.  Her Taurus rising makes her loyal, stubborn and steady. In 2012 the aspects to her 10th house Saturn, 11th house Moon and Venus by the planets Jupiter suggest she may take a more active role in charitable or philanthropic events. Mars is retrograde in her 4th house and squares her ascendant and 7th house Neptune indicating her husband is very busy and sometimes unavailable due to his responsibilities. It must be very stressful for her as she tries to raise her children and hold her family together.  The Saturn-Pluto square aspects her 8th house Mercury she is well aware daily of the lack of privacy and the dangers. It's very possible that in the future we will see lots of books as she is a gifted writer, teacher and politician in her own right. Michele Obama making her presence known in 2012.

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