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Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Oct. 26, 1947

Hilary Clinton Secretary of State, a Scorpio posses the strength needed carry out her role under pressure.  During the months of April and May when Jupiter, retrograde Saturn, and Uranus begin to aspect each other in a mutable T-square her chart her ability to make precise decisions will be a boon. Her duties as Secretary of State will be tested be she will handle everything with her usual aplomb. As Saturn aspects her Jupiter she proves herself a true diplomat and plays an important role in diffusing a very bad situation.

She is posed to make an even bigger name for herself and will go down in history as a great states person.  Her 29* Gemini Ascendant gives her the ability to talk and communicate her way in and out of every situation.  Her 2* Scorpio Sun is within a 3 degree orb of her ascendant so she can get her way and make others think it was their idea.  Her 5th house Scorpio Sun is loyal to a fault and no doubt she will be a loyal supporter to the New President Barack Obama.  She is a world class politician clearly working for the good of the nation.  Stubborn, she will always get her way, and that's what you want in a Secretary of State! Like her predecessor, Condoeeza Rice, another Scorpio

Condoleezza Rice

Oct. 26, 1947

In 2014 Scorpio Condoleezza Rice could begin a lucrative venture that could include publishing, teaching and speaking engagments. her opinion about matters will be sought out and she'll find that people want to hear what she has to say.  She has deliberately kept a low profile but in 2014 she may dabble in politics again.

Senator John McCain

Virgo August 29, 1936

For Virgo John McCain this election has been hard work. Saturn is heading towards his Venus in the 12th house of karmic debt, losses and financial debt.  His Sun occupies the 11th house of friends and influential people, with the planets Neptune, Venus and mercury in the 12th house of self undoing.  He is a self sacrificing person, with a strong desire to please others.  As a Libra rising he has a sense of fairness but at times can just go along with others ideas. Mars in Leo in the 10th house has given him the bad reputation of having a temper, does he?  With mars squaring the planet Uranus he has bursts of anger and he can make quick decisions that are not well thought out! He gets judged harshly and will even in the future.  His health is of a concern as Pluto the planet of life and death squares his Mercury.  Nerves, strength and kidney infections are possible for him.   Additionally Pluto will conjoin his Lunar Nodes and square his 12th house Mercury right around election time and he will continue to throw low blows at Barack Obama, even after the election is over.  The time period between November 4th, 2008 and December 30th 2008 seems difficult, trying and disappointing.


Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Aquarius Feb. 11, 1964

Aquarius Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska and Republican Vice Presidential Nominee has a bright future in politics regardless of the outcome for November's Presidential Elections. Life will seem like an endless round of great opportunities even if she has to nurse a loss with Senator McCain. A bid for the U.S. Senate could be in the future for her along with a move to Washington, D.C. With a full 5th house she's lucky and popular with the public.  Jupiter sits right on her descendent making fame and fortune real possibilities in the future and not as 2nd fiddle! Saturn has entered her 12th house for it's transit in the house of karma and finishing matters.  It looks like a more behind the scenes life will be in store for her for about 1 year.  After that she'll be back in the public's eye in a very big way and most likely this is someone we will see allot more of!

George W. Bush

Cancer July 6, 1946

What is there to do after being President of the United States for 8 years? 

Cancer George Bush is going to miss the pomp and circumstance of the White House. The transition won’t be easy for George W.  The Saturn-Uranus opposition occurs in his 2nd and 8th houses of values, money, scandals, his business partner’s finances and business finances.  Accusations of greed and corruption; criticism over his decisions could almost put him in hiding for about 1 year.  We’ll be hearing a lot about what went  on in the White House after he leaves! In the future we can expect his memories that will make the best sellers list!  Perhaps he’ll languish over how history will remember him and I expect there will be a future attempt at writing a book. Neptune opposes his Venus and there’s sadness and a missing of a special female friend, who he has gotten close to.  His many Libra placements make him charming and flirtatious to the opposite sex. Family problems around the health of his parents could keep him busy in the coming few years.  It’s likely that one of his parents could pass on within the next 2 years.  No doubt that will impact his life more than he expects it to.   

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