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Success-Scopes 2016


2016 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon 
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2016)

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Aries : Your success in 2016 comes from your attention to the details and the ability to learn from your mistakes.  There will be mistakes and there will be times you rely on others too much or you forget important details.  You’ll learn throughout the year that knowledge is power and doing things correctly is very important.  This year Aries is in uncharted waters and seeks new ventures.  Just remember all eyes are on you and people want to know how you got to be so successful. Saturn rules success and it’s important for Aries not to get too scattered, there’s a certain boredom that makes everything else in your chosen profession or ambitions look so much better.  It’s like reaching your junior year and college and after all the hard work towards one degree you decide the prospects there aren’t good enough, lucrative enough or you are bored. This will pass, but go ahead and change things a little in your chosen path make things interesting for yourself, that’s the golden key to success.

Taurus : You expand professionally through your interests and competitive nature.  It’s been difficult to find your niche at work and through employment.  You could have a unique opportunity to work a 2nd job, do something on the side to earn more or branch out in a new direction while keeping your day job.  Being dependable, being on good terms with the boss, networking and having all the answers is your key to success this year.  Find out what you have in common with higher ups and important types.  Who knew that you and your boss share a mutual love of Chess or competitive speed skating?  This puts you in the inner circle at work in 2016. Lucky you, wherever you go important and influential people take you under their wing and want you to be a success.  It also helps that you have learned how to be super competitive and super nice at the same time.  Don’t ruin everything by drinking too much or showing anyone who matters to your success your darker side, while Neptune and Pluto are working so hard to bring you fresh opportunities.

Gemini : in 2016, career wise no one is threatened by you professionally, and no one sees you as a threat or their competition.  This allows you to advance your goals, and desires quietly and unimpeded.  You form powerful professional alliances that take you both to the top. Your success comes through your ability to be unassuming and avoid the day to day problems that hold others back.  This year you move up the ranks and take the world by storm.

Cancer : It’s undeniable that Cancer is very competitive Sun sign and excel s at banking, finances, and information gathering this year.  There are opportunities that require you to work hard but through your fierce determination you make money hand over foot.  Uranus in your solar sector of career and professional matters brings the dynamic changes you have been waiting for.  You find success wherever you can hang on to stuff with your crab claw and earn money for doing so.  It’s called interest and fees.  Additionally, everyone wants to hear what you have to say so your advice is worth something.  Your mind is a computer this year and you excel getting your crab claw into everything.  For some of you that means you’ll have two jobs not one, and come up with a unique idea that gets the attention of powerful investor types.  Saturn in your solar sector of work says you’ll love what you do this year and that brings great success. 

Leo : It’s another hard working year with Pluto in your solar sector of hard work; except by now you have gotten some help, are more organized, efficient, and more effective at getting things done.  Leo isn’t afraid to shake things up and make a complaint or two to the boss or other co-workers.  The only point of contention is getting paid for all you do.  Let’s face it by now you are doing the work of 3 people.  Some Leos want to explore their more creative sides this year and could be very successful in the theatre, acting, in singing or in the arts.  A career change could be in the works. Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs bestow good fortune on your career and professional sectors.  Don’t sit by and let this stellar year for success pass you by.

Virgo : Your focus on relationships, partnerships, clients, and your mate keeps you from focusing on your own career and success.  What a shame.  Keeping your finances separate from partnership funds and joint banking accounts proves to be a wise decision though.  The more cunning Virgos try to figure out how to get their hands into everyone’s pockets or how to make money by doing nothing. Technology pays a role in your desire to make something work for you.  In the past, you would have joined forces with others to but in 2016 flying solo is the best option in career, business and professional pursuits.  A lesson you will soon learn in Sharing the glory, the accolades, the recognition and the prizes, are so passé for Virgo.  By now, you know your strengths and short comings and you know what you have to do to be successful on your own but a detour is possible.

Libra : There’s no doubt that Saturn rules success and in the sign of Sagittarius is in a stellar aspect to your Sun sign Libra.  Opportunities come through quick thinking, other people’s ideas that you can expound upon, take further and communications, that is talking to others.  Libra is in a state of flux and wonders, “What’s ahead, and what’s next?”  So it’s necessary to get ideas from others.  Bored by the same old work routine and dulled by the lack of challenges in their career it gets harder to focus and concentrate on your daily job.  It’s this frustration, or boredom that makes you feel as if you’ve gone as far as you can go in your current career or profession and makes you seek change.  Libra begins to lay the foundation for a new challenge while keeping things stable in their lives.  You look ahead but keep your day job.

Scorpio : Scorpio has put away their stinger in 2016 and isn’t seeking revenge or to get back at others, that’s too time consuming.  You benefit from reconnecting with old friends and keeping up to date on what others are doing.   Jupiter helps you profit from the career you have already built for yourself but change is necessary.   Uranus in your solar sector of work is bored with seeing the same clients, co-workers and sitting at the same desk.  Change is necessary and loyalties to a place, an office or company are not.  You are singularly concerned about yourself, your money and making the most of what you have.  Time you feel is running out t make changes and if not now you ask then when?  It’s a profitable year as you make the most and capitalize on what you already have in place.  Scorpio isn’t or shouldn’t let anyone see their bank balance.  So don’t brag about how well you’re doing to anyone.

Sagittarius : This year your ruler Jupiter has taken up residence in your solar sector of career, recognition, fame and success. That’s great right?  Not so fast!  Jupiter and you like to gloss over the details, and need others for inspiration and ideas this year.  Mercury the ruler of your relationship sector tells you again and again you need partnerships to achieve what you want!  You are so multi-talented and have so many directions you could pursue in the coming year.  In the past, you could have felt limited.  This year you are feeling that the world is your oyster and that you can chase as many dreams and ambitions as you like.  This is your year and you don’t want to limit yourself to one dream, one goal or one ambition. You can multi task but you have to stay focused.  Sagittarius is restless in 2016.

Capricorn : Your Sun sign rules success.  Your ruler Saturn makes time work to your benefit and in your solar sector of faith, behind the scenes activities and secret benefactors, giving and loving unconditionally you find the success you are driven to achieve.  There are a few drawbacks and that’s the guilt you feel when you don’t have enough time to get everything done or done right or the inability to focus.  You have solid allies who work silently and consistently behind the scenes for you.  There are some people this year who mistake your kindness for weakness until they hit the steel and you have to set him or her straight.  You can’t help but to succeed this year because Pluto has a plan for you.  This year it’s like having a guardian angel watching out for you and making sure you succeed in all of your endeavors.  Keep a diary one day everyone will want to read about your climb to the top.

Aquarius : Hard working Aquarius has the ability to work hard than any other Sun sign.  Powerful Pluto drives y urform behind, while Saturn brings sudden and unexpected opportunities that by the way are very lucrative and all you have to do is be self-confident, chatty, have all the answers and deliver those answers in the most appropriate way.  No shouting or cursing this year please.  Aquarius has to play by the rules, avoid ruthless manipulation and vengeful tactics to get ahead.  Your appearance also plays an important role in success so look like the idea of what your employer wants. Once Aquarius sets their mind to achieving a goal, they will.  In fact, they will spend as much time in achieving their goals as necessary; years even.  You haven’t forgotten your long-term goals and in 2016 they begin to materialize. 

Pisces : One of the smartest men ever Albert Einstein was a Pisces.  For many years, you may have toiled away quietly, working hard and yet not feeling as if you were getting anywhere.  Jupiter gave you and opportunity to work hard a new job perhaps and the ability to show off your skills to your boss.  Now Saturn says “let’s take it further”.    Work on getting along with others.  Jupiter won’t make it easy and avoid conflicts will be even harder, but you have to add this talent to your repertoire in order to succeed.  Brush up those communication skills.  This year Pisces gets the promotion, walks away with the pay raise and eats dinner with the boss.  Artistic Pisces is discovered and all Pisces get more recognition than they ever hoped for.

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