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by World Famous Astrologer Terry Nazon

Venus is the 2nd closest planet to the Sun and is located between Earth and Mercury. Venus is called the Morning star for about half the year and the Evening star for the other half, and is visible from Earth. Venus has gassy clouds that surround her. Its' cycles are very important to us because of the planet's closeness to the Earth and her proximity to the Sun.

The transits of the planet Venus are very important to our planet Earth

The Transit of Venus and it's rare conjunctions of the Sun have been for a long time harbingers of many unusual cycles. When Venus forms superior conjunctions to the Sun and this only happens in June and December, What inevitabilities will it bring? Although we like to think of Venus as the planet of love and harmony, her transits and rare conjunctions to the Sun have predicted many significant events.

Venus, the planet of love, wealth, and diplomacy, goes retrograde until April 17th in Aries, the sign of its detriment.  It will transit the sign of Aries until June 6th.  Aries is the opposite sign to the natural home of the planet Venus, Libra and for this reason it is said to be in the sign of its detriment.  Venus in Aries is typically driven, aggressive, passionate, and pursues the object of its desires unabashedly, not diplomatically.  Venus is going retrograde though isn’t really moving backwards, it’s called apparent retrograde, that means it’s farther away in orbit from the planet Earth.  The retrograde produces what is called red shift in the ultra violet or light rays.  The further a light source is from the observer the more of a change in the length of the light ray. It only looks to us like it’s going backwards.   The planet Venus typically gives off a violet ray now, that it’s retrograde we will observe or experience a red light wave.  Venus in Aries, retrograde is like a double whammy.  How this affects you is determined by your sensitivity level and of course your chart!

Venus is traditionally associated with love, marriage, harmony, beauty and luxury.  It might be seen as an extraordinary piece of cosmic synchronicity, that every eight years Venus returns to an almost exact position in the sky that it was eight years previously, having performed the pattern of a 5-petalled rose or pentagram, in its apparent orbit when viewed from the geocentric position. Venus traces a pentagon shape in the sky over ten meetings with the Sun.  Five of those conjunctions occur at Venus's nearest approach to the Earth,it's Perigee, when the Venus 'kisses the Earth to form another petal of the rose.  Venus is the only planet that rotates on its axis, but each time this 'kiss' happens, Venus presents the same face to the Earth.  What is created is a beautiful Mandela, a protective pentagon.

Venus, the closest planet to Earth and lies between us and the Sun. The transits of Venus have since the time of antiquity been used to predict major events. There are many rare Venus cycles, another one set to occur in 2012. We typically like to think of Venus as ruling love, marriage and luxuries to name a few, however, Venus has a gravitational pull on our planet that can cause cataclysmic events. Over the next few days, and specifically on June 9th Venus will make a superior conjunction with the Sun. Like the ancients who observed the effects of the planets on their day to day lives and wrote these things down for us, we too should observe the events in our lives and write them down.
on June 8,2004 Venus made a rare transit over the disk of the Sun as seen from Earth. A similar transit will occur June 6, 2012. The next one after that will be December 11, 2117, and December 8, 2125. These rare transits of Venus usher in new and profound cultural influences, and bring great changes.
Venus alternates appearances above the horizon as the morning star for 260 days (close to the number of days of human gestation). Followed by a period of disappearance, followed again by it's appearance as the Evening Star.

Venus has a bobbing motion, that consists of a series of intricate dance steps that trace complex star figures.Each star is completed in 9 months an 17 days. Every 8 years Venus moves through 5 complete star figures and comes around to conjoin the Sun in the same part of the zodiac.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It rules marriage, love, harmony and beauty, spouses and domestic bliss. In a man's chart it represents his wife and in a woman's chart it rules her husband. Venus indicates wealth and happiness in general. Venus is fond of music, good manners, jewelry, beauty, cars and all forms of luxury goods.
If your Venus is well aspected you will lead a life of luxury, be sweet, charming and highly attracted to the opposite sex.
If your Venus is not aspected well you will be very undependable a notorious flirt and lover, lustful, and keep the company of mean, cold and sinful people.

Venus through the Signs

Venus in Aries: in it's detriment, Venus in it's detriment means that Venus is just learning and could make mistakes in love, passion and indulgences. Mistakes need to be corrected in order to be happy. Fond of travel, artistic endeavors, such as sculpting, painting, poetry, theatre, and gentle sports, Wouldn't be caught died without a membership to a swanky sports club. Here venus is ardent, passionate,generous, and demonstrates their love and affection openly and willingly. Popularity comes easily and Venus in Aries has many friends. This placement can indicate an early or hasty marriage. There is always a push pull affect with relationships. They are passionate about new relationships then as time goes on can question the worthiness of the relationship.

Venus in Taurus: Faithful and deep feelings describe this placement of Venus. They will adhere to the proper form, customs and traditions in connections to pleasure, friends, and socializing. Taurus being a fixed sign, gives Venus the stability and tenaciousness not found in other signs. This placement as it naturally has an affinity for the 2nd house, favors the acquisition of money, possessions, and success. marriage can be delayed because in the sign of Taurus it takes it's time to make decisions.

Venus in Gemini: Here in the 3rd house Venus of course loves to travel and may benefit from travel, communications, even computers. Because of the dual nature Venus gains financially not from one source of income, but depending on her placement and aspects many. At least two sources of financially gain are possible here. Gemini being a mutable sign, this placement of Venus can lead to inconsistencies in love, excessive flirting, and the person may find themselves involved in several love affairs simultaneously.

Venus in Cancer: A domestic inclination will be present with this placement as well as an attachment to the mother, or homeland. The nature is kind, loving, nurturing, and responsive. Here venus can also be perceived as moody, because any planet in Cancer is ruled by the ever changing Moon. marriage and relationships may not go as planned if parents, money or occupation gets in the way. There are tremendous mystical interests here as well as gains from property, family, legacies, and things to do with the water.

Venus in Leo: generous, free spirited, kind and sympathetic. Greatly fond of and desirous of the opposite sex. Social, loves to entertain, and be amongst friends. There could be a great talent for something along artistic lines such as singing, theatre, acting, and music. Gains through love, inheritance possible, speculation and stock market, price of gold, and attracted to occupations connected with pleasure.

Venus in Virgo: Here venus is in it's fall. A planet in it;s fall means the planet is weak and requires more experience in these matters. This planetary placement is quiet and has a deep felt sympathy for the underdog that is hard to express. The love life develops slowly with many disappointments and delays. Unions of love are possible with someone in the medical field or employees, even someone beneath them socially. Excels in the medical field or professions and gains through the partner and marriage.

Venus in Libra: Venus is at home in the sign of Libra as it rules Libra. Kind, polite, sympathetic, refined tastes, affectionate, and truly a loveable nature. This placements gives a love of the arts, and music, even design. A happy union, and marriage and children are indicated with this placement. Prefers people of good social standing, and can sometimes be accused of snobbery

Venus in Scorpio: Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio. Here Venus can be lavish and free spending and even generous. Money can be earned or gained by partnerships or through sales commissions. Through those elements ruled by water , such as catering to the public, dealing with the dead, gifts, inheritances, and marriage. Venus is passionate here and the emotions are ardent and sensual. A love of luxury, and pleasure. Some difficulties with relationships due to jealousy, death or loss of courtship.

Venus in Sagittarius: A delightful placement for Venus as it refines the nature of the individual. Highly intuitive, prophetic, generous, with loyal intentions, fond of beauty, arts and traveling. A love of literary work is found here too. Two sources of income are indicated with this placement, through those things ruled by Sagittarius, horses, law, government, shipping, traveling, foreign affairs, and possibly sports.

Venus in Capricorn: This placement of Venus puts the person at a high level of trust early on in life. It gives the person favor from employers, those in a position of power and authority, elders, and superiors. The person is very proficient at business and successful. There is an innate ambitious character here not found the other placements of Venus. Inclines towards an older more well established marriage partner.

Venus in Aquarius: A great fondness for travel, excitement, friends, and pleasure. The person in typical Aquarian style is friendly, well liked and popular. Friends are not judged according to social standing or wealth as the person is truly a humanitarian in every sense. here Venus reserves her opinions and judgments and is fair. Gain through corporations, business and partnerships.

Venus in Pisces: Here venus is in her exaltation. Venus here is philanthropic, charitable, warm, giving, moved to be very sympathetic, and understanding. Wants to remove all the suffering of the world, and to assist the weak and injured. A real love of beauty, poetry, music, painting and fine arts. Money comes through friends, charities, and gifts. People with this placement can be careless and fickle in matters of love so more than one marriage is possible.

Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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