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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding

True Love or HollywoodPublicity Stunt?

by Terry Nazon, Astrologer

With so much media interest and press about this wedding, speculation has been made as to whether or not it is a marriage of true love or a marriage of Hollywood convenience. As you remember in my 2006 predictions I predicted the break up and divorce of Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline. Looking at Katie Holmes chart we see Jupiter in Leo in the 12thHouse, that would have been aspected beginning in December 2005 and August 2006 by both transiting Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo. Could this signify deals and contractual agreements being made behind the scenes or in secret as her 12thHouse might signify? Don't be fooled by the angelic look on her face she's an actress remember? Her 5thHouse of love, romance and children, clearly holds Mars in Capricorn ruled by Saturn and ruler of her 1st house of appearances. Weherever Mars is placed in ones chart it can act as a malalignment and in this case ruled by Saturn cause much trouble and heartache. Which I might add is currently aspected by Neptune, the planet of illusions. Unfortunately it may not work out as planned as both Tome Cruise and Katie Holmes will undergo difficult transits in the near future. Tom Cruise Mars square Uranus will again be off the mark and could cause a serious fumble, resulting in accidents or scandals. A former lover on either side, could appear on the scenes and a spill all the beans and a scandal cloud result. Needless to say Tom Cruise will not escape all his recent bad press over his antics. Additionally, Katie Holmes has yet to experience her 1st Saturn return! Her Saturn is in Virgo, and when she doesn't get what she wants she can create quite a stir. Will she be the one to spill the beans? We'll have to wait and see! Divorce or separation could come as early as August 2007!


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